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Help with Painful Lipoma on Right Foot

I have Lipoma on my right foot that causes pain. What should I do? READ MORE

Lipoma Surgery in my Foot

The measurements are 2.8 cm in AP diameter x 1.5 cm tranverse diameter x 2 cm in height. How long would i be out of work? I'm on my feet all day... READ MORE

Aftercare for Lipoma Removal on Foot

I am having surygery on my right foot that a MRI impression says is a Lipoma. After a week off of it, what comes then for recovery? READ MORE

Left Foot Lipoma, Calcaneus Bone, It Has Started to Hurt.

Hello 7 months ago i went to MR, my left foot started to hurt at while i was working, on MR the doctors said that it is a "LIPOMA INTRAOSSEALIS... READ MORE

Who Should I See for a Painful Lipoma in Right Foot?

I have a painful lipoma in my right foot. Should I see a orthopedist or a podiatrist? READ MORE

Lipomas on Feet, I need help. (photos)

I cannot find ortho or podiatrist in Hampton Roads VA to remove lipomas on feet pressing on the tarsal nerves? I have seen over 4 drs in as many years... READ MORE

Can liposuction be used to remove lipomas in the soft tissue of the foot?

I have a lipoma on both feet, at the top of and between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals, identified by MRI. They have responded to corticosteroid... READ MORE

Lipoma or gandlion cyst and will I need another surgery? (Photo)

Had gandlion cyst surgery and after wards is was like this ,then surgeon said was lipoma, but got several opinions and finally the 3 doctor did a mri... READ MORE

I had several lipomas removed from my right anterior thigh ten years ago.

I now have 2 much larger ones on the inner and upper part of both thighs which are not painful but bother me aesthetically. I've also had recurring... READ MORE

If a Lipoma is Sitting Right on the Talus Area of Foot/ Ankle, and Known to Be Causing Pain and Nerve Issues, Can Lipo Remove?

Not only are the growths beside ankle bone, but they are also spread into that cavity like area on the outside, to the side of the heel....on both... READ MORE

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