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How Much Will It Cost Me to Have my Facial Cyst Removed? (photo)

I have a cyst on my face the size of a nickel and is still growing. How do I go about having it removed and what is the most it will cost me? READ MORE

Small Lipoma on Face Removal?

Hi.. I've been diagnosed with a small lipoma on my face (less than; i first noticed it abt 2 years ago and i was bit smaller .. It has a... READ MORE

What Type of Doctor Should I Consult About Lipoma Removal?

2 Lipomas: One on Face Corner of Ear and Jaw and Other is on Head Close to Neck.  The one on face is for more than 15 years and 2nd on head is... READ MORE

Lipomas in Face in Cheek Area and Lower Legs?

50 yo female- Diagnosed by touch, Lipomas in Face in cheek area and lower legs. Causing numbness and some discomfort causing sleeplessness. Veterans... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma and Have a Tingling Feeling On the Side of My Face. Could They Be Connected?

I have a lipoma at the back of my neck that feels as if it is attached to my spine. I have recently been suffering from tingling in the left side of... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal for 8 Year Old Child? Safe to Undergo Surgery at This Age?

My daughter has this lipoma in between her eyes and nose.  About 4 times already, we visited a certain surgeon to remove this but I was afraid my... READ MORE

I would like a Doctor recommended to me for a facial cyst removal procedure? Cost? Painful? (photo)

I am in the Miami area. I have had this cyst for 3 years now. It had been popped and drained before, but for some reason it came back. I can move... READ MORE

I have multiple lipoma in whole body expect face. I want to remove or growth stopped. Any suggestions?

My lipoma quantity about 50 to 60 in my body expect face.. sir i am 30 year old i have many multiple lipoma in my whole body..i am worried about... READ MORE

Intramuscular lipomatosis of the face removal / treatment?

My wife has recently been diagnosed with this condition. Noticed 2 months ago and aggressively growing. No visible signs yet although a tiny lump... READ MORE

What are the procedure of getting a facial lipoma remove next to my left eye? (photos)

I was born with a lipoma in my head on the side of my left eye. It never hurt until recently when I got a tooth removed. The lipoma have been hurting... READ MORE

When you remove a lipomas does it come back?

I believe I have a lipomas on my face and under my arm pit. I was thinking of getting them removed (if in fact it is a lipomas). But then I was... READ MORE

Intramuscular lipoma of the face

I re-post as I had one good response and feel I need to add more detail. My wife has this condition. We have undergone a CT, MRI and a biopsy (2 lab... READ MORE

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