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Best Surgeon and Method for Removal of Lipoma at Base of Neck?

I've had lipoma approx. 15 years w/no issues. Last year growing and more painful - appears to be interfering with neck nerves (dizziness, sharp... READ MORE

New York Lipoma Removal Doctor Recommendations

Help! I have a large lipoma on my back. I don't have insurance. I would like to know how much it costs and where I can find a doctor. I'm in upstate... READ MORE

Cost to have lipoma removed in Houston, TX?

I have a lipoma the size of a quarter and I so hate wearing swimsuits with out a cover up because it is viewable I just wanted to know what would be... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor on Long Island for Lipoma Removal?

I have a lipoma on my right shoulder, that my MRI shows to be 1.5" in diameter. It causes me pain, and obstructs movement in my shoulder, neck... READ MORE

What Kind of Doctor to See to Have a Large Lipoma Removed?

I have a large deep lipoma on my right thigh 19.9 cm x 4.8 x 7.1. What type of doctor should I see to have removed? READ MORE

Who do I see for treatment and removal for Lipoma?

I am a 48 yr old female. I have hundreds of lipomas on my waist, arms, legs, head. My father had hundreds and hundreds removed from early 40's to... READ MORE

Is there any Doctor that can help me with endoscopic removal of osteoma, lipoma or scar tissue in my forehead?

I am so tired of looking for doctors in Spain, I didnt find anyone who do this yet. I hit my forehead 3 months ago and I have something caught between... READ MORE

What type of surgeon do I see to remove very painful lipomas in my lower back (that do not appear on MRI)?

Severe back pain started 3 yrs ago. Extensive work-up: PT, desensitization inj series & SI joint inj by physiatrist, MRI of lumbar spine & pelvis, L4... READ MORE

Sebaceous cyst on my scalp removal cost?

I am looking to have a sebaceous cyst on my scalp removed approx 1 inch and would like to know what doctor can perform this procedure in my area and... READ MORE

I Am Looking For A Dr. Familiar with Dercum's Disease-Painfiul Lipomas

Need Help. Looking for a Dr. in the Naples - Ft. Myers FL area who is familiar with Dercum's disease and/or painful lipomas. I have several painful... READ MORE

Please Suggest a Good Experienced Rhinoplaty Surgeon in Mumbai, India?

I need a surgeon experienced with hemangioma removal on nose now I am 13 years old . it has reduced considerably on its own but still needs some... READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon to perform Buffalo Hump removal in UK or Europe (Photo)

I am looking for a surgeon who would perform a buffalo hump removal. My GP has suggested it is a lipoma, and therefore could be fit for excision -... READ MORE

Looking for a board certified PS for facial Lipoma removal. I don't mind travelling within reason.

I have a lipoma on my forehead that I'd like removed. I've already had one surgery but the surgeon didn't remove it, at all. Anyway I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Could this be a sebaceous cyst? (Photo)

I'm in Phoenix Arizona and have had this for about 4's red and swollen...doesn't leak fluids....sometimes I see a pimple on has... READ MORE

Looking for Surgeons in the Seattle Area That Offer Free Consultation?

Because I have no primary care doctor, and will be self pay, I would like to find a sergeon in the Seattle area that is willing to offer a free... READ MORE

India Lipoma Removal Doctor Recommendations

I have 3 lipomas on my face: 1 on right side of my nose, 1 on my left eyebrow, and one on region of optic nerve of right eye. I'm 19, residing in... READ MORE

Recommendations for Surgeon in Miami Area for Lipoma Removal

I am looking for a plastic surgeon in the Miami area to remove a lipoma located on the left outer thigh area close to the hip. I am worried about the... READ MORE

Ultrasound showed a lipoma in my upper chest muscle. How can I find a surgeon to remove it?

It has increased in size over the last few years from 4cm to 10cm. . Having a difficult time finding a plastic surgeon in Florida that does this type... READ MORE

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