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Ganglion or lipoma? (Photo)

My doctor guess it was ganglion and come to find he said it was lipoma and no thing was not send in to the pathology it been 2 months since I had... READ MORE

Could this be a sebaceous cyst? (Photo)

I'm in Phoenix Arizona and have had this for about 4's red and swollen...doesn't leak fluids....sometimes I see a pimple on has... READ MORE

I have a tumor on my shoulder. Is it a lipoma or cancer?

I have a tumour on my shoulder. i think it is lipoma but not sure. how can i do and how much expence have for remove it..pls tell sir. READ MORE

Do I need a diagnosis of limpoma before scheduling lump removal?

After an exam, my primary said my plum size lump in the area of my hamstring was probably a limpoa. She wrote orders for an ultrasound if I choose to... READ MORE

Large lipoma that has grown in size & is starting to hurt. Initially diagnosed as a muscle knot. Any suggestions?

I have a large lipoma on the upper right side of my right thigh. It literally formed overnight. Initially diagnosed 2 months ago as a muscle knot-then... READ MORE

Is this a lipoma or something worse? (Photo)

Hello, I am 25 years old, male. I noticed palpable lumps on my chest. They are small. When I touch them to long, the place hurt me. I had x-ray and It... READ MORE

Do I have a lipoma or something else? (Photo)

I am a (nearly 2 years remission) non Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 3 survivor, DLBC. I have a squishy (ish) sort of lump on my right leg, just to the left... READ MORE

What surgeries can be done to take care of a large number of lipomas, excess skin, & tissue, in my upper/ lower abdomen? (photo)

I have a large number of painful lipomas (the lipomas are likely related to my diagnosis of MEN1) in my upper and lower abdomen and at the base of my... READ MORE

I have Lipoma within the Deltoid Muscle. What procedure would you recommend?

MRI diagnosis of "lipoma WITHIN the deltoid muscle - 27x28x63 mm in diameter - Differential would include low-grade liposarcoma which may have a... READ MORE

Lipoma or ganglion?

Well today it's been 3 months since I had wrist surgery, I am going to see a specificialist on Monday and iam getting worried, because my wrist is... READ MORE

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