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How Much Does a Single Lipoma Surgery Usually Cost?

How much will a good doctor charge to remove a single lipoma (approx. 2-4 cm diameter in size)? What type of insurance covers this? READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost Me to Have my Facial Cyst Removed? (photo)

I have a cyst on my face the size of a nickel and is still growing. How do I go about having it removed and what is the most it will cost me? READ MORE

How Much Does Lipoma Removal Cost?

What is the approximate out-of-pocket price if insurance doesn't cover the procedure? READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Lipoma Removal?

Is there a way to have your insurance pay, whether partial or full, for lipoma removal? My husband has so many and they are only getting bigger. READ MORE

Pilar cyst removal. Should I visit family doctor first or a dermatologist/plastic surgeon?

I have a cyst on the back of my head that needs to be removed. I have not been to a doctor in 14 years. I was wondering how much it would cost, the... READ MORE

Multiple Lipoma Treatment?

I have multiple lipoma all over on my body and i want to remove by can you please tell me how long is it treatment take and what is the... READ MORE

How Much to Remove a Lipoma About 3 Inch Diameter?

What is the estimated cost? this picture is similar to mine. READ MORE

Basic Cost for Lipoma Removal from the Neck

I'd like to know, how much is the basic cost for lipoma removal from the neck? READ MORE

Cost to Remove Large Lipoma on Back?

How Big is a Large Lipoma? Mine is the Size of a Boneless Chicken Breast--at Least 4-5 In. I noticed this about 8 years ago and the Dr. told me not to... READ MORE

Benign Bump? (photo)

I have a 1/2 inch benign bump under my armpit (had it checked out by a doctor) and wanted to know what the effort, cost, options, healing to get it... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Cost and Will Anthem Cover the Expense?

I have numerous lipomas on my front thighs. I would like to have them removed. Would my Anthem insurance cover the procedures? READ MORE

My Daughter Has a Small Lipoma Near Her Left Eye. How Much Would It Cost to Have It Removed? Would Insurance Cover It?

Our 2 year old daughter has a lipoma near her eye. We noticed it when she was about 6 months old. We are worried about it affecting her vision &... READ MORE

Cost to remove one inch sebaceous scalp cyst?

I went for a consultation regarding a cyst I have on my scalp and the doctor told it's a sebaceous cyst that is not inflamed and I need a small... READ MORE

Too Expensive Lipoma Removal Quote?

I'm having a Lipoma removed from the back of my hand. The cost is about $5,200 before insurance.They say my insurance will cover it - but 30% is still... READ MORE

Cost to have lipoma removed in Houston, TX?

I have a lipoma the size of a quarter and I so hate wearing swimsuits with out a cover up because it is viewable I just wanted to know what would be... READ MORE

I'm wandering how I can remove lipoma from my bottom and what the cost would be? (photos)

Hi I'm a 32 year old woman I've had lipoma since I was 16 It's on my arms,neck,legs, and bottom it has been a huge insecurity for me I was wandering... READ MORE

I am suffering from multiple lipomas. Looking for treatment in India (Hyderabad or nearby)

I am suffering from multiple lipomas. Mainly in left hand nearly 10 to 15.all are small .I am planning to remove surgically with out leaving scare or... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove facial cyst without insurance? (Photo)

I'm a young adult female who has a penny sized cyst on my cheek bone. It started off a lot smaller over a year ago and it has grown and I can no... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove a sebaceous cyst in total? (i.e. Dr. visit, consult?, path?, etc.)

I have what looks to be a sebaceous cyst on my left upper flank, below the scapula. I am too embarrassed to call and ask or if that is a faux pas to... READ MORE

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