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What Questions Should I Ask a Surgeon About Removing a 9 Cm Lipoma from the Back of my Neck?

I've had the lipoma for over five years and it has grown 4 cm in 15 months. I'd like to have it removed primarily for cosmetic reasons. I'll be seeing... READ MORE

Cost to remove one inch sebaceous scalp cyst?

I went for a consultation regarding a cyst I have on my scalp and the doctor told it's a sebaceous cyst that is not inflamed and I need a small... READ MORE

Would I Get Surgery the Same Day As My Consultation For A Lipoma?

I Have a Consultation with the Specialist of Throat Ear and Nose for my Lipoma on my Right Temple. Would i get surgery same day? READ MORE

Need a Large Lipoma On My Back Removed. 3 Doctors = 3 Recommendations, What to do?

My lipoma on my back partially touching my spine. It has grown to 6cm across and 8cm high with an estimated 1 inch depth. My GP suggested I get it... READ MORE

Forehead soft tissue nodule not lipoma? (Photo)

I've had this lump on my forehead for about 10 years. I believe it was trauma induced. I consulted with my PCP who did a CT scan and stated it was a... READ MORE

I am looking into getting a lipoma removal and was wondering about the cost of the procedure?

I have multiple lipomas all over my body, around 2 dozen (most small pebble-sized, 1-2 others larger) mainly on my back, butt, bikini line, &... READ MORE

Lipoma on the leg or not? (Photos)

Hello, I have visited some doctors and some told me do not care about that, but I can't as sometimes I do runway shows, so I need to have perfect legs... READ MORE

1" (or slightly larger) lipoma on my forehead?

I just had a consultation with a plastic surgeon today. He stated that to remove it, I can either have an incision made over the bump or a longer (2... READ MORE

Chest lipoma needs solution?

I first felt man boobs at the age of 13 . After that within 6 of 7 years my right chest got ok . but I found that my left chest has no progress even... READ MORE

My heights 6ft, weight 78kgs. I have numbers of lipoma on thigh, back & both my hands. Doctors suggest I don't remove them?

Actually i hv been consult to many neurosurgeon and the doctors suggest me to don't remove it because they told that once you removed this then number... READ MORE

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