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Plastic Surgeon or General Surgeon for Cyst/Lipoma Removal?

I have a kind of Cyst/lipoma on my SCALP which my Dermatologist couldn't really diagnose exactly what it is. He suspects its a bit different and we... READ MORE

Facial Lipoma Next To Eye

Hello! My husband is planning to get a facial lipoma removed, and the lipoma is actually right next to his right eye. The doctor's have told him... READ MORE

What Type of Doctor Should I Consult About Lipoma Removal?

2 Lipomas: One on Face Corner of Ear and Jaw and Other is on Head Close to Neck.  The one on face is for more than 15 years and 2nd on head is... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma on the Inside of my Thigh Invovling Nerve Pain to my Thigh While Standing, What Type of Surgeon Do I Look For?

I Have a Lipoma on the Inside of my Thigh Invovling Nerve Pain to my Thigh While Standing, What Type of Surgeon Do I Look For? READ MORE

Remove Neck Lipoma or Not

I have a lipoma on the right side of my neck which i started feeling since 4 years now. The lipoma seems to be growing very slowly. It is about 5cm... READ MORE

Which Doctor to Go for a Confirmation on a Suspected Lipoma?

I am a med student and I am 99% certain that I have a lipoma on my leg on my legs which is now limiting my exercise and causing pain, how ever I do... READ MORE

Who Should I See for a Painful Lipoma in Right Foot?

I have a painful lipoma in my right foot. Should I see a orthopedist or a podiatrist? READ MORE

Should a Plastic Surgeon Remove Non-encapsulated Infiltrating Lipoma in Deltoid Muscle?

I have been told that general surgeon would be fine but i just recently had 2 strokes and am concerned about anesthesia READ MORE

Should I See a Plastic Surgeon or an Orthopedic Doctor for Injection Treatment of Lipoma in Wrist?

I had what was believed to be a ganglion cyst removed from my wrist and the area cleaned up arthroscopically 3 years ago, it turned out to be a lipoma... READ MORE

Forehead Lipoma?

I've had it for about 6 years now and want to get it removed. its not too big but when i spoke to my regular doctor he said because of my skin color... READ MORE

Who should remove a facial lipoma? (Photo)

I have a lipoma along me jaw line and was wondering who's the best person to remove it a) ENT b) plastic surgeon or c) dermatologist? READ MORE

Abdomen wall multiple lipoma removal.

I am having multiple lipomas in my body. these are about 30 in nos. In abdomen about 6 lipomas are there which size around 3 cm. i want to go for... READ MORE

What kind of Doctor should remove a head lipoma?

I went to a dermatologist to have a cyst removed from my head. It turned out to be a lipoma instead. He said it was much bigger then he thought and... READ MORE

How Long Will the 1 Year Old Baby Recover After the Lypomyelocele Operation? What Kind of Doctor Do the Operation? (photo)

Located at the lower back MRI result Impression: Findings consistent with sacral lipomyelocele, demonstrating cord thetering against the intraspinal... READ MORE

Removal of Lipoma on Spine. Need Help Choosing a Doctor?

I have a lipoma directly on my spine. I have a tendency to get keloids, what type of dr. should do the surgery? READ MORE

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