Cancer + Lipoma Removal

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Can Lipoma Turn into Cancer?

I want to know if lipoma can turn into cancer because I have just got it on my back and right arm. I do not know what to do.   READ MORE

How to Confirm if Lipoma is Not Cancerous?

I have lipoma at the upper side of my right hand and back. I want to know, how can I confirm if it's cancerous or not? What is the best treatment for... READ MORE

Concerned and Worried. Is This a Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

Have a large mass on my shoulder > 5cm it appeared quickly within a 2 week time span. My GP feels that it is a lipoma and nothing to be concerned... READ MORE

Are Multiple Lipomas a Symptom of Cancer?

I am now 50 years old, when I was 25 years I saw some solid things in my law back, arms, chests and stomach. I visited a doctor and diagnosed that it... READ MORE

Chances of Getting Liposarcoma from Lipomas?

I have numerous Lipomas. I removed a couple of them 2 yrs ago. Now I am afraid whether it may be cancer and my doctor did biopsy last time and the... READ MORE

How Can a Docter Tell if a Lipoma is Not Cancer?

I got a lipoma on the brain. told it fat tumr. i have blackouts and my heart goes fast and i sweat. i cry on coming around. told, "you having... READ MORE

Lipoma in Shoulder Has Basal Cell Carcinoma. Any More Insight?

2 years ago my doctor looked at a lump on my shoulder under the skin. He said it was a lipoma and non cancerous and it was ok to leave it alone; I... READ MORE

Is Lipoma Cancerous?

Lobulated fat intense lesion in the right paraspinal region from D5-6 to D9 level suggestive of lipoma READ MORE

Is a lipoma a tumor or cancer? (Photo)

I am 21 yers old. before 3 yers from i get small lipomas cyst in my hole body like:hand,leg ,hip or back side of body so know idea about this ? READ MORE

I have a tumor on my shoulder. Is it a lipoma or cancer?

I have a tumour on my shoulder. i think it is lipoma but not sure. how can i do and how much expence have for remove it..pls tell sir. READ MORE

Is a discoloration and difference in the consistency of the tissue of an excised lipoma and indicator of cancer?

I had severe a lipomas removed from my lower back this morning. Most of them were yellowish in color and shaped like beans. However, one mass had... READ MORE

Swelling After Neck Dissection? (photo)

I had over 30 lympnoids (sp) removed from my neck because of cancer. The surgery was 6 days ago and the swelling continues. He aspirated the area... READ MORE

Is Lipoma a Type of Cancer?

I am now 50 years old, when I was 25 years I saw some solid things in my law back, in my arms chests and in my stomach. I saw a doctor and diagnosed... READ MORE

Is lipoma belong to cancer type?

What is the risky factor?My mom having lipoma on nose in the size of 1.8*3.8. Her age is 48. we are ready to undergo operation to remove that. But i... READ MORE

I have three small, what appear to be lipomas on the inside of my left thigh, with the largest no bigger than a penny.

The largest one i noticed about maybe 5-6 years ago at the least and i think it was abit smaller than it is now but if its growing, its doing so very... READ MORE

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