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Can Lipoma Turn into Cancer?

I want to know if lipoma can turn into cancer because I have just got it on my back and right arm. I do not know what to do.   READ MORE

Concerned and Worried. Is This a Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

Have a large mass on my shoulder > 5cm it appeared quickly within a 2 week time span. My GP feels that it is a lipoma and nothing to be concerned... READ MORE

How to Confirm if Lipoma is Not Cancerous?

I have lipoma at the upper side of my right hand and back. I want to know, how can I confirm if it's cancerous or not? What is the best treatment for... READ MORE

Are Multiple Lipomas a Symptom of Cancer?

I am now 50 years old, when I was 25 years I saw some solid things in my law back, arms, chests and stomach. I visited a doctor and diagnosed that it... READ MORE

Chances of Getting Liposarcoma from Lipomas?

I have numerous Lipomas. I removed a couple of them 2 yrs ago. Now I am afraid whether it may be cancer and my doctor did biopsy last time and the... READ MORE

How Can a Docter Tell if a Lipoma is Not Cancer?

I got a lipoma on the brain. told it fat tumr. i have blackouts and my heart goes fast and i sweat. i cry on coming around. told, "you having... READ MORE

Lipoma in Shoulder Has Basal Cell Carcinoma. Any More Insight?

2 years ago my doctor looked at a lump on my shoulder under the skin. He said it was a lipoma and non cancerous and it was ok to leave it alone; I... READ MORE

Is a lipoma a tumor or cancer? (Photo)

I am 21 yers old. before 3 yers from i get small lipomas cyst in my hole body like:hand,leg ,hip or back side of body so know idea about this ? READ MORE

Is Lipoma Cancerous?

Lobulated fat intense lesion in the right paraspinal region from D5-6 to D9 level suggestive of lipoma READ MORE

MRI says intramuscular lipoma on the right thigh. Is surgery required?

The areas with edema and increased vascularity in the mass suggest Mitotic process. is it cancer? how serious is the problem?is surgery required? READ MORE

I have a tumor on my shoulder. Is it a lipoma or cancer?

I have a tumour on my shoulder. i think it is lipoma but not sure. how can i do and how much expence have for remove it..pls tell sir. READ MORE

I had an MRI of the back which showed a lipoma in the muscle near the spine in mid-back.

What is the next move? If I have it removed is it dangerous? Can it be cancer? It has been hurting and very uncomfortable READ MORE

Is a discoloration and difference in the consistency of the tissue of an excised lipoma and indicator of cancer?

I had severe a lipomas removed from my lower back this morning. Most of them were yellowish in color and shaped like beans. However, one mass had... READ MORE

Lipomas in multiple places; what should I do? (Photo)

In my body many lipoma in my harm, and leg and backside also. it's a dangerous? it's like a cancer? or not i want remove all. please advise me. which... READ MORE

I'm having this lipoma tumor in both armpits. Will it become cancer? And how can it be removed?

One of the tumor is little larger than other but both are not so big . it doesn't pain all the time but little sensation is felt sometimes. I want to... READ MORE

Swelling After Neck Dissection? (photo)

I had over 30 lympnoids (sp) removed from my neck because of cancer. The surgery was 6 days ago and the swelling continues. He aspirated the area... READ MORE

Is Lipoma a Type of Cancer?

I am now 50 years old, when I was 25 years I saw some solid things in my law back, in my arms chests and in my stomach. I saw a doctor and diagnosed... READ MORE

Is lipoma belong to cancer type?

What is the risky factor?My mom having lipoma on nose in the size of 1.8*3.8. Her age is 48. we are ready to undergo operation to remove that. But i... READ MORE

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