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Large Bump After Lipoma Surgery- What Could This Be?

3 weeks ago I had a lipoma removed. The stitches were removed 9 days after surgery. I developed a bump about 1 in. diameter, which is 2-3 times as was... READ MORE

Benign Bump? (photo)

I have a 1/2 inch benign bump under my armpit (had it checked out by a doctor) and wanted to know what the effort, cost, options, healing to get it... READ MORE

My Son is 17 Hit is Forehead on a Set of Bleachers when He Was 9 Wants This Bump Gone?

My son has a bump on his forehead that formed after he hit his head on a set of bleachers when he was 9 . He had a x-ray of it and nothing was found... READ MORE

My Son is Lipoma or Liposarcoma? My Son is 8 Y/O and Has a Small Bump Like Mosquito Bite On His Chest? (photo)

In the next 4 days is grow and became 12-15 mm ball .touch it he complain that he have pain . run sonogram and all test before operation and send... READ MORE

How can I get rid of limpoma?

When I woke up in the night to get water and I felt back starting to itch then I felt a bumb so I went to the restroom to check in the mirror and it... READ MORE

Lipoma removed. Hit head on healing scar. Now I have a "new" bump. Is it hematoma?

I had a lipoma removed on my forehead. I hit my head on the fridge door less than two weeks after my surgery. I JUST got my sutures taken out when... READ MORE

If I get my lipoma surgically removed, will it leave an ugly scar? (Photos)

Ive had hit my head many times when i was little and i think this bump formed due to truama. Ive had this bump for years now and im so self concious... READ MORE

What is this bump on my leg? A lipoma or is it something else? (Photo)

What is this bump on my leg a lipoma or is it something elseI have a bump on my inner thigh it didnt begin painful but as the night went on it became... READ MORE

Lipoma removed on my forehead but bump still exists? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, I have removed the lipoma on my forehead for about 3 weeks now. There are still a bump there and the bump is also kind of soft. Is this... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removal from my forehead about a year ago and it came back.

What can I do about it I already got a lititle scar on my forehead but the bump came back what are my options, if I get it remove again would I have a... READ MORE

Is it normal for my thigh to look like this after my lipoma removal 2 years ago? (photos)

The sonar said that the lipoma did not come back. That the bump was just fat trying to find a place since the lipoma was removed. I also feel... READ MORE

Lipoma surgery for lower eyelid, plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist? (Photos)

I have a lipoma under my right eye, which happened 7 months ago during my pregnancy. 3 months after I delivered, bump was still there so I went to see... READ MORE

Bump on my forehead for 12 years: can it be removed without leaving scar? (photo)

Bump is since 12 yaers, at the mid of forehead,do not pain ,hard bone like READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed on my forehead, there's still a bump 7 days later -- will it go away?

7 days ago I had the lipoma on my forehead removed, the swellings and all have gone away after 7 days but I still feel a bump at the same place the... READ MORE

I was wondering if anyone could give me some information about lipoma's effect on the bump during pregnancy? (photos)

I have a lipoma on my left side of waist of almost a golf ball size. Its been there since 2 years by now. Lately, I experienced slight pain in that... READ MORE

Bump on my Cheek After Years of Being Punched?

I got punched in theright side of my cheek by my eye in 2007. I never saw a doctor, and I still have a slight noticeable bump. Is this cancerous? Why... READ MORE

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