Bump + Lipoma Removal

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Large Bump After Lipoma Surgery- What Could This Be?

3 weeks ago I had a lipoma removed. The stitches were removed 9 days after surgery. I developed a bump about 1 in. diameter, which is 2-3 times as was... READ MORE

Benign Bump? (photo)

I have a 1/2 inch benign bump under my armpit (had it checked out by a doctor) and wanted to know what the effort, cost, options, healing to get it... READ MORE

My Son is 17 Hit is Forehead on a Set of Bleachers when He Was 9 Wants This Bump Gone?

My son has a bump on his forehead that formed after he hit his head on a set of bleachers when he was 9 . He had a x-ray of it and nothing was found... READ MORE

My Son is Lipoma or Liposarcoma? My Son is 8 Y/O and Has a Small Bump Like Mosquito Bite On His Chest? (photo)

In the next 4 days is grow and became 12-15 mm ball .touch it he complain that he have pain . run sonogram and all test before operation and send... READ MORE

How can I get rid of limpoma?

When I woke up in the night to get water and I felt back starting to itch then I felt a bumb so I went to the restroom to check in the mirror and it... READ MORE

What is this bump on my leg? A lipoma or is it something else? (Photo)

What is this bump on my leg a lipoma or is it something elseI have a bump on my inner thigh it didnt begin painful but as the night went on it became... READ MORE

Bump on my Cheek After Years of Being Punched?

I got punched in theright side of my cheek by my eye in 2007. I never saw a doctor, and I still have a slight noticeable bump. Is this cancerous? Why... READ MORE

I was wondering if anyone could give me some information about lipoma's effect on the bump during pregnancy? (photos)

I have a lipoma on my left side of waist of almost a golf ball size. Its been there since 2 years by now. Lately, I experienced slight pain in that... READ MORE

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