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Lipoma Biopsy: When Is It Done?

I had a 3rd ultrasound on Monday of this week for a benign lump (lipoma) in my chest and rec'd a call from my family doctor telling me that the... READ MORE

Large Lump on Back Near Shoulder Blade. Second Opinion?

Wife went to dr b/c we noticed large bump (size of baseball but more oval) on back. The dr looked & said it resembled a lipoma. He sent her for an... READ MORE

Lipoma - Should I Get a Biopsy?

I have been to the doctor today about a lump which has been growing on my left hip/buttock, my doctor was sure it is a lipoma, i dont feel confident... READ MORE

Should I Get This Lipoma Checked Out On My Stomach?

Hi There, My doctor thinks I have a lipomas on my stomach. My parents and sibling have all died from cancer. Do you think I should have a biopsy since... READ MORE

Is There Anything in a Biopsy of a Lipoma That Can Help Diagnose Dercum's Disease?

I believe I have Dercum's Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa. I have lumps in my arms, legs, back, sides and throughout my abdomen. I saw a dermatologist... READ MORE

How serious are my atypical painful lipomas in my thigh (at least 8)?

An ultrasound of my thigh showed at least 8 atypical lipomas (echotecture more uniform that subcutaneous fat echogenicity is greater a typical lipoma,... READ MORE

Lipoma removal but no biopsy. Should I be concerned?

I had a baseball size lipoma removed from the back of my upper arm earlier this year. I asked multiple times about a biopsy and was told it was not... READ MORE

Should I operate on a intramuscular lipoma in a difficult position? (photos)

I have an intramuscular lipoma in my back (found with an MRI). Specifically, directly behind my scapula (shoulder blade). There's no easy way to get a... READ MORE

I had 4 lipomas taking off a week ago will they do a biopsy on all of them are just one?

I had 4 lipomas taking off a week ago will they do a biopsy on all of them are just one i had two larger ones out of my lower back an two from my... READ MORE

Is Biopsy Standard for a Lipoma?

There's a grape-size lump at about 10:00 halfway up my lower leg. My leg aches frequently, but the lump is non-painful, soft, doesn't move but the... READ MORE

I have Lipoma within the Deltoid Muscle. What procedure would you recommend?

MRI diagnosis of "lipoma WITHIN the deltoid muscle - 27x28x63 mm in diameter - Differential would include low-grade liposarcoma which may have a... READ MORE

I'm meeting an orthopedic oncology surgeon next week. Should I suggest a biopsy for a lipoma to make sure its not a liposarcoma?

Hello I have a soft tissue growth behind my left knee in the crease of my leg. Which was misdiagnosed a few years ago as a baker's cyst at a glance.... READ MORE

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