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How Do You Get Rid of Lipoma Deposits - What Technique?

Quite sure I have lipomas along my rib cage.  the fat deposits move arond under my forefinger and are quite soft/forgiving to the touch. the... READ MORE

What is a Lipoma?

What exactly is lipoma?  Should I be worried if I have one? READ MORE

What Kind of Doctor Should I See for Lipoma Removal?

I have a nearly golf ball-sized lipoma on my back, along my shoulder blade. What kind of doctor should I see for lipoma removal? READ MORE

How Much Does a Single Lipoma Surgery Usually Cost?

How much will a good doctor charge to remove a single lipoma (approx. 2-4 cm diameter in size)? What type of insurance covers this? READ MORE

Is a Lipoma a Tumor?

Is a lipoma a tumor?  I just found out I might have a couple lipomas and I don't know if should be worried by this... can cancer cause lipomas? READ MORE

Do Lipomas Always Continue to Grow?

I'm 25 years old and just got diagnosed with multiple lipomas in my mid to lower back. They are generally small right now, and only cause a little... READ MORE

What Are my Lipoma Treatment Options?

I might have a lipoma and I am just curious about what kind of lipoma treatments exist.  Is surgery the only option for lipoma removal or do... READ MORE

Can Lipoma Turn into Cancer?

I want to know if lipoma can turn into cancer because I have just got it on my back and right arm. I do not know what to do.   READ MORE

I Have a Lump on the Back of my Head. Could it Be Something Other Than Lipoma?

I went to the doctor and she said it was lipoma but I did research and it says lipoma is soft and it there is no real discomfort. Also it said you can... READ MORE

Dangers of Lipoma on the Scalp?

I have a lipoma on my scalp. I got opinions from four different doctors and I guess it's uncommon for lipomas to be on the scalp. What are the dangers... READ MORE

Do I Have to Get Lipomas Surgically Removed?

I have three lipomas and I am debating what to do about them.  Do I have to have them removed?  Is there any danger if I decide not to have... READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost Me to Have my Facial Cyst Removed? (photo)

I have a cyst on my face the size of a nickel and is still growing. How do I go about having it removed and what is the most it will cost me? READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned if a Lipoma is Painful?

I have multiple lipomas along my rib cage. Recently the one under my ribcage is very painful, to the point where it is disrupting my sleep. When I get... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal - Would Surgery Require an Overnight Hospital Stay?

I have a lipoma on the back of my neck and am planning on having it removed.  Can I leave the hospital the same day as the surgery or would I... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Painful Lipomas in Leg?

I have lipomas in my leg. I used to only have one but now I have three: two in one leg and one in the other. When I work out, the area around there... READ MORE

Lipoma or Cyst?

I have a growth now for over 10 years. When I went to the doctor he told me it was a cyst and that I should not worry about it unless it hurts. . I... READ MORE

Can Healthy Weight Loss Reduce a Lipoma?

Is it possible to reduce lipoma size via significant, sensible weight loss? In that they are comprised of fat cells, it seems to my medically and... READ MORE

How Much Does Lipoma Removal Cost?

What is the approximate out-of-pocket price if insurance doesn't cover the procedure? READ MORE

Lump in Bicep?

I have a non-painful lump on the outside of my right bicep. It feels deep and as big as a marble. It is about 2 inches above the elbow. When... READ MORE

Is Lipoma Removal Like Liposuction?

My dad is going to have surgery to remove two lipomas from his flanks/lower back area.  I think a lipoma is some kind of fat deposit, so I'm... READ MORE

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