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Do Lipomas Always Continue to Grow?

I'm 25 years old and just got diagnosed with multiple lipomas in my mid to lower back. They are generally small right now, and only cause a little... READ MORE

Can Lipoma Turn into Cancer?

I want to know if lipoma can turn into cancer because I have just got it on my back and right arm. I do not know what to do.   READ MORE

I Have a Lump on the Back of my Head. Could it Be Something Other Than Lipoma?

I went to the doctor and she said it was lipoma but I did research and it says lipoma is soft and it there is no real discomfort. Also it said you can... READ MORE

Can Healthy Weight Loss Reduce a Lipoma?

Is it possible to reduce lipoma size via significant, sensible weight loss? In that they are comprised of fat cells, it seems to my medically and... READ MORE

Risks and Recovery Period of Deep Lipoma Removal?

I have what is believed to be a lipoma in the small of my back. It is considered large and deep. I have had some pain and a lot of tingling and... READ MORE

Large Lump on Back Near Shoulder Blade. Second Opinion?

Wife went to dr b/c we noticed large bump (size of baseball but more oval) on back. The dr looked & said it resembled a lipoma. He sent her for an... READ MORE

Any Risk of Nerve Damage with Lipoma Removal Near Spine?

I have a lipoma located on the left side of my mid back, the edge of it just touches my spine. It is between 2.5 -3 inches in diameter and is... READ MORE

Should Lipomas on Shoulder and Back Be Removed?

In a year, I have developed two egg size lipomas. One in the small of my back and the other on top of my shoulder. The one in my back appeared out... READ MORE

Best Course of Action for Removing Large Lipoma Near Spine?

It's only been visually inspected by my GP and called a lipoma. I haven't had a biopsy. It's approximately 6x9cm and egg shaped. I'm a little... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Completely and Thoroughly Remove a Lipoma?

I have a rather large lipoma on my upper back. I had a similar mass removed surgically several years ago, but it returned. This is unsightly, and I... READ MORE

Infiltrating Lipoma in Right Lower Back Muscle.

Hello, I've had a lipoma in my right lower back muscle for a few years. Its approximately 2 inches in diameter and sometimes the muscle under the... READ MORE

How Long Does Lipoma Surgery Take to Heal from Your Back?

I recently got a lipoma removed from my back. It was a couple of cm long. Im on day 2 and it still hurts, I am afraid to lay on my back feeling it... READ MORE

What Kind of Doctor to See to Remove Back Mice?

I have had back pain for several years and am only 23 years old. There are 4-5 moveable "nodules" on both my left and right sacroiliac... READ MORE

Are There Any Natural Remedies to Remove Lipomas?

I have a 5cm lipoma on the right back side of my body. Are there any natural treatments to remove lipomas? READ MORE

Drain and Recovery After Lipoma Removal

I have a large lipoma on my lower back that hurts me. My doctor says that I will need a drain after my surgery. How long will I have to keep the drain... READ MORE

Non-surgical Lipoma Removal Possible?

Is there another way besides surgical lipoma removal to get rid of lipomas? I have one that is 4 inches on the left side of my back. My insurance at... READ MORE

I have a moveable lipoma/episacral lipoma in my lower right back, which is causing a lot of pain: Can it be removed?

Hi I have been suffering from serious lower back pain on the right side for 5 months. A physical therapist I saw found a moveable nodule on my lower... READ MORE

Is Lipoma Removal Painful?

I'm 16 years old and I have lots of lower back pain. I'm not sure if its because of these small lumps I feel or just bad posture. I'm guessing they... READ MORE

Recovery Period for Lipoma Removal on Back?

I am thinking about getting a lipoma removed off of my back, between my spinal cord and my right shoulder blade. It's about the size of my hand, and... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Confirm a Lipoma by Just Touch?

I have several plump up on my back.My doctor touched it and said it was a lipoma. Can a doctor confirm a lipoma by just touch? Do I need any further... READ MORE

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