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Is Lipoma Removal Painful?

I'm 16 years old and I have lots of lower back pain. I'm not sure if its because of these small lumps I feel or just bad posture. I'm guessing they... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma on my Neck and It's About the Size of a Golf Ball - What Should I Do?

Well i have a Lipoma on my neck from what my docter said. It's been causing me neck pain for a while now. So what do you think i should do. Also i... READ MORE

What Does Lipoma Look Like?

I am 15 years old and I think I have Lipoma under my neck's skin. Its small and it moves a little, but it disappears in a few days and for few months.... READ MORE

I have a non visible lump on the left side of my neck?

I have a lump on the lower back left side of my neck. It's firm but definitely not rock hard. It feels kind of rubbery, I can't tell if it's movable... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Regrow Removed Lipoma?

My son is 10,he had abdominal lipoma. we got that removed by surgery 5 years ago,there was no symptoms up to now ,but now i see his abdomen is bigger... READ MORE

Is Removing a Lipoma on the Back of the Head Risky for a 14-year-old?

My daughter was born with a lipoma on the back of her head.... She is now 14 and the bump is about the size of a golf ball. Our new doctor is... READ MORE

How to Treat Lipoma on an Infant?

My 9 month old son has a bump over his eyebrow. His pediatrician and dermatologist have both said it is a lipoma. It does not seem to bother him and... READ MORE

Ways to get rid of Lipoma without surgery?

I am 15 years old and I'm pretty sure I have a lipoma right outside my inner rib. At times I can feel it and it hurts but other times It sort of... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal for 8 Year Old Child? Safe to Undergo Surgery at This Age?

My daughter has this lipoma in between her eyes and nose.  About 4 times already, we visited a certain surgeon to remove this but I was afraid my... READ MORE

6 Year Old Daughter w/ 2 Lipomas

My 6yr Old Daughter Has Had Her Button (Lipoma) Since Birth, Now Has a Buddy Nxt 2 It? her buddy arrived a year ago but notice it is now purple. I... READ MORE

I Am a 16 Year Old Bodybuilder and I Have 1 Lipoma on my Right Rib Cage Near the Lat Muscles?

How long does surgery take? is the scarring bad? my lipoma is like 2 inch's I still have to show it to my doctor I want it removed READ MORE

Could it be fatal if my 6 year old child has a lipoma on his head?

Im afraid of what could happen since he has it on his head.....My child is 6 years old and he has a lipoma or bump on his head like 3 inches from his... READ MORE

Please Suggest a Good Experienced Rhinoplaty Surgeon in Mumbai, India?

I need a surgeon experienced with hemangioma removal on nose now I am 13 years old . it has reduced considerably on its own but still needs some... READ MORE

I am getting a Lipoma removed under my arm next week and want to know will I still be about to do everything?

I am only 13 and am getting a a small lipoma removed under my left armpit , I just would like to know will I be able to move my arm and still be able... READ MORE

Lipomas at 16 a Sign of Something Worse?

I am sixteen and had three lipomas removed from my back because of the pain, they were big and began to grow, is this bad? READ MORE

After surgery to remove lipoma from spine, my son is continuously urinating. Is this something that can be cured?

We want to know after lipoma surgery also urine continuously s there that can be cured r not . My son 2 years old onle he got lipoma with back spine... READ MORE

Im 13 and living in the UK and have lipomas at the tops of my thighs. How much would it cost to remove these?

How much would it cost me to remove these seen as they are causing me a great deal of pain? Or is it free because i am under 16 and living in the uk READ MORE

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