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Lipoma Biopsy: When Is It Done?

I had a 3rd ultrasound on Monday of this week for a benign lump (lipoma) in my chest and rec'd a call from my family doctor telling me that the... READ MORE

Fluid Buildup After Lipoma

I had a Lipoma surgically removed from my rib area. Surgery was one week ago, I have a lot of fluid buildup which is very uncomfortable. No drain tube... READ MORE

Swelling After a Lipoma Removal

Hi, I had a lipoma from my back removed and there is a swelling now, which my doctor reduced a bit by syringing it out some blood. He couldnt take any... READ MORE

The Fluid After Lipoma Removal Has Turned Very Hard and Produce Sharp Pains Sometimes, Normal?

I had a lipoma removed a month ago. The area around the incision was left swollen far beyond normal, according to some, but the doctors chose not to... READ MORE

Swelling After Large Lipoma Removal? Whats the Cause and Cure?

My husband had a lipoma removed from the back of his neck four days ago. Now the right side of his neck is swollen to the size of a golf ball. Need... READ MORE

Why Did Lipoma Grow Back After Removal?

I have a lipoma removed from my back by surgery and now its grown back - WHY? READ MORE

How Long Does Lipoma Surgery Take to Heal from Your Back?

I recently got a lipoma removed from my back. It was a couple of cm long. Im on day 2 and it still hurts, I am afraid to lay on my back feeling it... READ MORE

How Do You Address Indent After Removal of a Lipoma?

My friend's recent lipoma surgery has resulted in a drain bag because of the size of the lipoma, around the side of his chest area. The incision... READ MORE

Scar Removal After Surgical Lipoma Removal?

My lipoma was surgically removed recently by a surgeon in the hospital it has left me with large incision that was stitched with 12 stitches. I will... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Without Surgery?

I am 25 years 5 feet tall and 59 kgs (I'm overweight). I have lipoma in the right underarm (up and down). How to get rid of it without doing lipoma... READ MORE

Downtime After Lipoma Removal

When can I go back to work and exercise after a large size lipoma on right side of body? READ MORE

I Had a Small Lipoma Removed from Forehead. 3 Days Later, Swelling & Bruising in the Corner of my Eye & Nose. Normal?

I Had a Small Lipoma Removed from my Forehead.  After 3 Days I Developed Swelling & Bruising in the Corner of my Eye & Nose. H Is this... READ MORE

I Had a Lipoma About the Size of a Golf Ball Removed from the Back of the Neck. When Will Pain Subside? (photo)

I attach a photo and although its only been eight days, I have problems sleeping and feel some pain. Please advice how long the pain would normally... READ MORE

Pain After Lipoma Removal

Had lipoma out from middle back 6 wks ago, have had non-stop soreness pulling from wound! WHY?? I feel very depressed, have been referred to... READ MORE

Is Swelling and Pain Common After Lipoma Removal?

I had a lypoma removed from the muscle in my thigh 10 weeks ago and I am still having a lot of pain and swelling in my entire leg (mostly the knee... READ MORE

Is Surgery The Only Option For Recurring Wrist Lipoma?

I understand lipoma's can recur if some tissue was missed upon removal. That seems to be my issue after having a lipoma in my wrist removed 16... READ MORE

Large Bump After Lipoma Surgery- What Could This Be?

3 weeks ago I had a lipoma removed. The stitches were removed 9 days after surgery. I developed a bump about 1 in. diameter, which is 2-3 times as was... READ MORE

What if a Lipoma burst?

I had a lupoma on my hip it really got irritated and become red and sensitive i went to the doctor and he said that my pans might have been too tight... READ MORE

Scarring from Lipoma Removal?

I had Lipoma removal done surgically. The incision was stapled not sutured. What can be used to help the scarring? READ MORE

Pain and Numbness in my Armpit After the Surgery?

I have had a surgery for the excision of a sebaceous cyst in my armpit 9 months ago.Now i can see two small white coloured spots on the wound and the... READ MORE

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