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Lipoma Removal On Right Side of Abdomen. What is Down Time?

I have a lipoma on the right side of my abdomen that is being removed soon is there down time for that or extra precautions i should take? READ MORE

I Suspect Lipoma in my Tummy Area

It shows up when I contract my stomach. Also this shows up when I try to get up from bed etc. Is this a lipoma? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Regrow Removed Lipoma?

My son is 10,he had abdominal lipoma. we got that removed by surgery 5 years ago,there was no symptoms up to now ,but now i see his abdomen is bigger... READ MORE

I Had a 15.5 Cm Lipoma Removed from my Abdominal Cavity. The Pain is Back, What to Do?

My tumor was 4 lbs and required major surgery to remove it. I had a distinctive pain associated with the tumor, now, 2 years later the same pain is... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal? (Photo)

My husband had a large lipoma removed from right side of abdomen between two muscles. And it seems there is more swelling and still draining alil bit.... READ MORE

Does this sound like a lipoma or something more serious?

I've been having severe left thigh and hip pain for the last 3 weeks. 1 week ago a mass 7cm x 3 cm suddenly appeared on my upper thigh. Er doctor did... READ MORE

I had several painful lipoma's removed last year from my abdomen and now have several more causing pain. What do I do?

I am an otherwise healthy 25 year old who had 3 surgeries last year to remove 5 painful lipoma's from my abdomen ranging from quarter sized to egg... READ MORE

Painful Lump in Upper Left Abdomen After Pelvic Laparoscopy - Lipoma or What?

I had a pelvic laparoscopy in Feb 2011, where the surgeon found my left ovary was stuck to my sigmoid colon. The two organs were separated. The... READ MORE

I am scared of it and i need your suggestion?

I have two small lipoma in my abs and it is not visible form ouside but i can fell if i touch those with my finger tips.Please suggest something to... READ MORE

Has anyone removed lipomas from the abdominal area? Is it realistic to have them removed during abdominoplasty? (Photo)

I have large unencapsulated lipomas from Madelungs disease. I am hoping that they can be removed while I have a Abdominoplasity. Is this realistic? READ MORE

If lipoma has grown into internal organs, Must/should these organs be removed?

The lipoma has grown into the rectum, the uterus and the vulva. The lipoma is about 18cm big and 12-13cm in diameter. The lipoma is localized behind... READ MORE

Can a lipoma be non visible in my abdomen, or another benign tumor?

I have a mass in my lower abdomen beliw my belly button, above the pubic area. My gyn said he doesnt think its female related and it could be a lipoma... READ MORE

I am worried about a small lump - like my other lipomas. It is about 2" below the ribs on my abdomen, right side.

I can only feel it when I am in certain positions, but I have a general "soreness" in the area. I have other fatty lumps - several on my head which... READ MORE

Multiple lipomas-treatment?

Am 26 yes old guy. I have many lipomas on my hands, legs, abdomen, and chest areas, consulted many doctors..they say it does not affect you. Iet it be... READ MORE

Is there any way multiple abdominal lipomas can be removed without need to do incision?

Maybe using the umbilical cord, to avoid the scars? Thank you for your answer. READ MORE

How Fast Do Lipomas Grow?

I noticed a small swelling on the left side of my abdomen in may each week it has grown bigger I had a scan on June the 26th the mass measured 12cm on... READ MORE

Will a GP Be Able to Diagnose a Lipoma or Do I Need to Go for an Ultrasound?

I have about 3-4 lumps by my belly button, my GP said they were lipomas, do i need an ultrasound to check, also should i have them removed or just... READ MORE

What surgeries can be done to take care of a large number of lipomas, excess skin, & tissue, in my upper/ lower abdomen? (photo)

I have a large number of painful lipomas (the lipomas are likely related to my diagnosis of MEN1) in my upper and lower abdomen and at the base of my... READ MORE

Have Had An Inguinal hernia For Years, Developed a Lipoma, What Should I Do?

There is a pain wihere the hernia is and a pressure on it leading down my leg. I also notice other lipomas in and around the abdominal cavity. It... READ MORE

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