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What Are ALL the Side Effects of Lipodissolve?

I had lypolisis injections (lipodissolve) in my inner thighs about 1 month ago. I am a professional dancer so I am very flexible. The first 2 weeks... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Vs. Mesotherapy - What's the Difference?

Can a doctor pls tell me whats involved with mesotherapie and lip disolve. how are they different from each other and which will get rid of my belly... READ MORE

How Can I Get Safe Lipodissolve?

Is there a safe way to get lipo dissolve treatments? READ MORE

Safe Way to Lose, Tighten or Improve Tummy Fat?

Would lipo dissolve get rid of the flap of fat an skin caused by extreme edema during pregnacy,an a c/section at 36yrs old? I had my only baby at... READ MORE

When is a Good Time to Get Lipodissolve?

I am trying to get the differences btw lipo suction and lipo dissolve. is there something I should be aware of that makes one procedure than the... READ MORE

Can Lipodissolve Be Combined with Liposuction?

I want to get rid of stomach rolls. The doctor offers liposuction + lipodissolve. this ok/safe? READ MORE

Is a Doctor Required to Do Lipo Dissolve?

Does the establishment giving lipo dissolve have to be a doctor...I was looking into it and I heard that the laws states that there is to be a doctor... READ MORE

Where Can Someone Find a Lipodissolve Center?

Considering the fat melting injections offered at lipodissolve center READ MORE

Safe to Get Lipodissolve While Pregnant?

I'm in my first trimester and I wanted to get Lipodissolve to slim down my thighs.  Is this OK to do?  Is it safe to have Lipodissolve if... READ MORE

Are Lipostabil Capsules Safe?

I ordered some from a Canadian website. Have anyone ever heard of Lipostabil capsules? What are the side effects? READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Depression of Facial Skin After Lipodissolve?

I had Lipodissolve done on my cheeks 2 months ago, and now I have a depression of skin at the site of the injections. What can be done? It shows a lot... READ MORE

Will Smart Lipo or Slim Lipo Get Through Scar Tissue from Lipodissolve?

I have had Lipodissolve and I'm worried that I may have scar tissue from the numerous injection sites. Does this mean that if I have Smart Lipo or... READ MORE

How Do Lipodissolve Injections Work?

Will lipodisolve with fat loss from the banana roll and bra line? READ MORE

Is Lipodissolve Effective for Fat Around Belly Button?

I literally have a little circle of fat about a 1/2 inch thick around my belly button that I could never get rid of. What's the best way to treat this... READ MORE

How Much Does LipoDissolve Cost?

I want lipodissolve on my abdomen and thighs. How much does this cost and how many inches can I lose? I don't have a photo. All my weight is on my... READ MORE

Why Are Plastic Surgeons NOT Loving Lipodissolve?

I Really wanted to get this treatment. I mean really! I had read great things about it. I learned my PS who I completely trust doesn't do it. But, I... READ MORE

Lipolysis Injections in the Face or a Lipolysis Cream?

In the past 2 years I have had a few treatments with lipolysis-injectables (they use phosphatidylcholine and inject it in to the areas with excessive... READ MORE

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