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Is There Anything I Can Do to Fix my Crooked Smile?

I was hit in the face with a golf club when I was twelve and have had a crooked smile ever since. I really hate it. Is there anything that can be done... READ MORE

Can the Corners of the Mouth Be Cut to Widen a Smile? What is the Approx. Cost of Such Procedure? (photo)

My smile is terrible. It's not wide enough for my big, but close together teeth! Also, the corners point downward. Is there a surgery that can widen... READ MORE

Is Correction of Crocked Lips Possible for Me?

I have very crocked lips from my birth. And it becomes croocked only when I smile or speak. The plastic surgeon told me that he can not help me, it is... READ MORE

When I Talk or Smile my Lower Lip Slants? (photo)

Why does it do this? I've never really noticed it my friends did. Can I do anything to fix it? READ MORE

Is There a Surgery That Widens the Corner of my Lips (Left&right)?

I already have a full upper and lower lips and don't want to make it any fuller. But I think the length of my mouth is small, I want to make my... READ MORE

What is the Best Way for Me to Achieve a Smile Showing More Teeth? (photo)

This is the hardest that I can smile. I've always wanted a "toothier" smile, a smile that shows more teeth, because I think it's charismatic and more... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip revision? (photos)

I had a laceration on my right upper lip that goes from the mid lip to just a hair past the vermilion border. I had 2, absorbing 4.0 sutures put in.... READ MORE

Can my Crooked Smile Be Fixed? (photo)

My smile has been crooked since birth. I'd like to know if it could be fixed, and what my first steps should be if it can. Thanks. READ MORE

I cannot smile properly because of my lower lip. Would surgery help? (photos)

I have never been able to smile properly, every time i do my lower lip bends into my mouth and covers fully my lower part of my teeth. I can not... READ MORE

Can you advise me please? (Photo)

I have a gummy smile, so I consulted my dentist, and he said I need to do lip repositioning. Also, he said he is willing to do that for me even though... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery to Fix Upper Lip?

Dear docs, i was in an abusive relationship for a span of 5 years where i was repeatedly getting both upper and bottom lips busted to the point where... READ MORE

Will mucocele swelling go down post surgery?

I had surgery to remove a mucocele 1 week ago. It was quite big and taken from my lower lip. The maxiofacial surgeon gave me 4 stitches. It was... READ MORE

My lip pulls down to one side when I talk. What can be done to fix it? (photo)

Hi, My lip pulls down to one side when I talk and smile. When my lips are closed they look fine. My parents say I was born with a squint smile but it... READ MORE

I had an upper lip surgery to reduce its size about a month ago. I have thin lips. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had an upper lip surgery to reduce its size about a month ago and the doctor cut it too too much. I can hardly see my upper lip. It is even folded... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for a Crooked Lip & Smile? (photo)

I really appreciate you looking at my question. I'm 24 and I've never been happy with my appearance. Knowing that I'm extremely ugly affects me every... READ MORE

Everytime I Laugh or Talk my Lips are Crooked - Can it be Fixed? (Photo)

What can I do to have a normal laugh or smile. As I get teased about it. Can it be fixed READ MORE

Widen the Mouth Without Horrendous Scars?

How can a narrow tiny mouth be made wider? READ MORE

I'm trying to see if any reconstructive surgery can be done to my top lip. (photo)

I was recently assaulted in my top lip was split and needed 13 stitches inner and outer my lips split from the inside all the way around and up to my... READ MORE

Why does my smile look different after a frenectomy? 1 week post-op.

I had a labial frenectomy approximately 1 week ago. My smile looks completely different. Is this due to the swelling or should I be concerned. I was... READ MORE

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