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Is Changing Lip Shape Possible?

Can you change the shape of your lips? If so, how much does it cost? READ MORE

how to get a cupid's bow & philtrum ridges

Hi there, In would like to know if there are any help for my lips. my lips lack definition and i find them quite odd shaped. Could fillers work to... READ MORE

How can I give shape to my lips? (Photo)

When i my 4years old my hand and lips get injured frm iron doctor adviced me when u become 10years old,we do ur operation but my father never ready to... READ MORE

What surgery would you suggest to make my lips more attractive? (Photo)

I have a very odd lip shape. No defined cupid's bow, weird muscles above my upper lip, and my lips are quite small in proportion to the rest of my... READ MORE

Lip Reconstruction after Silicone Removal? (Photos)

I've had silicone removal surgeries done and my lips still look big, uneven, asymmetrical. I have silicone that had migrated to the white part of the... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve this lip shape? (Photos)

Hello! I would like to ask if to have this sort of lip shape? Lip augmentation isn't necessarily included. Thank you for your time answering this. READ MORE

What lip surgery should I get? (Photos)

I like the shape of my mouth but I don't like it when I smell what needs to be done for it to look better? READ MORE

Can I change the shape of my upper lips? (Photos)

I want to decrease the sides a bit.also would like to have a little longer philtrum if that is possible.How much time for the pocedure and how much... READ MORE

I have a question about the lips and what options do I have to achieve my desired shape? (Photos)

My lips are "smushed" or to close together, I don't think it's about the length between my nose and Cupid bow but more as with my upper jaw structure.... READ MORE

My Lips Are Very Round. I Wish to Have an M Shape? (photo)

I've always felt subconscious about my lips. They are round and I am the only one in my family with round lips. I wish to have an M shape. Is that at... READ MORE

Lower lip asymmetry, in both fullness and shape, possibly caused by tight labial frenulum? (Photo)

I have a quite asymmetrical lower lip that I believe may be due to an overly tight, and off centre, labial frenulum. This really bothers me as it is... READ MORE

It is possible to change lips shape from photo 1 to photo 2? (photo)

If yes,how? Surgery or just filling. Thank you in advance READ MORE

My Lips Are Not in Shape and M Wearing Braces Also. How Can I Get Proper Shaped Lips?

Please tell me in detail about the procedure, recovery time and cost. READ MORE

Upper lip has an irregular shape (Photo)

What surgery should I undergo to correct my upper lip? currently, when i talk my upper lip pulls down the tip of my nose, and causes the tip to move... READ MORE

Can I change my lip and chin shape? (Photo)

My lips/chin are funny looking my top lip protrudes out and my bottom one kind of recedes back. My chin bulges out and is huge, but still somehow... READ MORE

Lip definition/shape (Photo)

I feel like my lips are not very well defined, the countour especially in the upper parte could be more clear. I also feel that it's not very... READ MORE

Can lip be brought it's normal shape again after occurring several wounds in the same place? (Photos)

A severe accident has occured which caused to loose some flesh from my lips,and after that it caused me continuous irritation and I bited that part of... READ MORE

Upper lip surgery? (Photo)

What surgery can be done to move my upper lip into a straight line? and how can i move my lips into a symmetrical shape? i hate my upper lip. and when... READ MORE

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