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Possible to Decrease Amount of Fat in Lips?

I am insecure about my lips, i am African-American and my upper lips have a lot of fat which in turn make it look like my upper lip is protruding i... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce a Protruding Upper Lip Tubercle?

I am a 27 yr old woman. The "tubercle" on my upper lip is quite droopy looking and it's always annoyed me. It looks like a the way a... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rid of the Fat Under my Upper Lip? (photo)

It's located under my tubercle and there's lots of it. It completely deforms my smile. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? I'm... READ MORE

Should I Get Lip Augmentation or Chin Reduction (Or Both) and Cost of Each?

Hello! I do not like the look of the bottom half of my face. My chin sticks out a bit (horizontally, not vertically) and my lower lip is a bit smaller... READ MORE

I Am Very Embaressed About the Way Top Lip Looks Should I Get Surgery? (photo)

I am a male 20 years old and I do not like how my top lip looks its similar to a birds beak its so embarrassing. WHat do you think about my top lip?... READ MORE

Procedures For Decreasing the Philtrum?

It's may sound like an odd question but, I want to decrease the space between my nose and upper lip. I don't have really. Thin lips, they're average... READ MORE

Can Bulk Around Lips Be Reduced?

I have a very bulky area around my mouth, its protrusive and makes my already large mouth, look more disproportionate. is there anything that can be... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Reshape Lips to Make Them Thinner? (photo)

I find my lips to puffy and I expecially don't like my staight lipline. and I would like to have this thin lip shape with that >beak-like<... READ MORE

My Bottom Lip Protrudes to Where It Looks Like I Have Chewing Tobacco in It?

My bottom lip (the area between the pink part of my lip and top of my chin) protrudes. It looks like I have chewing tobacco in my lip. I have even had... READ MORE

I Had Done Lip Reduction 40 Days Ago, and Now my Lip Became So Hard?

Hi i had done lip reduction 40 days ago,, and now my lips are still so swellon and its became so hard that i cant smile bcs my lips cant spread... READ MORE

3 Months After Lip Reduction, Too Soon to Know Final Results?

Had a lip reduction procedure done on 11/2/11 on both lips. I am a 27 old male I can see the change on the lower lip but i can't see the decrease... READ MORE

What's wrong with my tubercle? Is there a way to reduce it? (photos)

Im 22 and I have a big tubercle. Growing up I used to bite it a lot then somebody told me that biting it off makes it grow bigger. As teen I still... READ MORE

Will I need some kind of reduction or lip injections? (photo)

When I was younger and in sports, I unfortunately got hit with the ball and my upper lip hasn't been the same since. It's affected my smile and... READ MORE

Can I make my big and wide lips less wide and less big? (Photos)

Hello and thank you for your time. I would like to know if I can make my wide lips smaller and more astethically pleasing. Because I really want cute... READ MORE

Are There Any Surgeries to Beautify Smile and Give You Perfect Smile Lines or At Least Symmetry? (photo)

I am pretty much keen on getting a surgery which can enhance my smile and improve my smile line so that its on both the sides and when i smile, the... READ MORE

What causes my upper lip and the area above it to protrude causing an ape like appearance? What can be done? (photos)

I have had braces non extraction so I don't think its my teeth causing the protrusion. What I did notice however is the pink area inside of my mouth... READ MORE

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