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Reconstructive Surgery to Repair Lip Line?

Dear Drs, I was in an accident a few years ago. My upper lip was damage extensively  to the point where it looks like its burned... READ MORE

Is Lip Reconstruction Possible for Me?

In 1993, I underwent lip surgery. Doctor cut and stitched by my lips. I had no shape and had bad scars. In 1999, I underwent another procedure... READ MORE

In Case of Losing Lower Lip Tissue and After a Reconstruction Surgery, is There a Way to Make the Damaged Side of the Lip Wider?

A picture of a reconstruction surgery is attached, the assymetry of the lip's sides is not purely noticable there. Thanks! READ MORE

Lip Reconstruction after Silicone Removal? (Photos)

I've had silicone removal surgeries done and my lips still look big, uneven, asymmetrical. I have silicone that had migrated to the white part of the... READ MORE

My bottom lip has split from getting pierced incorrectly. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I have been in contact with a reconstructive surgery location and have e-mailed them pictures of my lip, but I won't be told if it is salvageable... READ MORE

How can I get my face reconstructed? (Photo)

My lips are huge and my face looks like I have a facelift but I didnt READ MORE

I need a cupid's bow reconstruction. (Photos)

I got involved in a fight and my cupid's bow was bitten off. I has a surgery but the cupids bow was not reconstructed. Please can it still be... READ MORE

Top Lip Reconstruction Doctors?

Resulting from my double jaw, the surgeon took it upon himself to give me a lip reduction and change the contour of my upper lip. He overstitched it,... READ MORE

What's the result for abbe flap reconstruction of the upper? Can I move it when smiling or talking? (Photo)

My doctor said I need abbe flap for my upper lip defect but how about the result can I move my lip can I sense it ?is the nerve for the flap cut... READ MORE

Is it possible to reconstruct my lower lip so it's as normal as possible and remove scarring on my cheek? (Photos)

I was a victim of a shooting and I am still in the process of healing I am trying to get opinions from plastic surgeons to know what to do I am... READ MORE

I Have a Crooked Lips/Smile After Reconstructive Facial Surgery , What Options do I Have? (photo)

I had boat accident two years ago resulting in seviour eight hour long surgery due to my head injuries. Since then I have had a crooked lip structure... READ MORE

Cost and Procedure of Full Lip Reconstruction?

I have a small mouth (the corners reach the beginning of my pupils), and my lips are very full and round. My lips make my face look increasingly... READ MORE

I'm trying to see if any reconstructive surgery can be done to my top lip. (photo)

I was recently assaulted in my top lip was split and needed 13 stitches inner and outer my lips split from the inside all the way around and up to my... READ MORE

Skin graft to upper (lateral) lip. Will the results improve in time?

6 months ago my dog bit my upper lip requiring FTSG above my lip (post-auricular) and 2 mucousal advancements to reconstruct my lip. The defect was... READ MORE

Can my lip be reconstructed? (Photo)

I had exfoliative cheilitis for years,it destructs my lips appearance, READ MORE

Upper lip trauma. What kind of surgeon would be right for me regarding lip issue?

Since this site offer so low amount of letters when you describe your problem I just simply want to ask where can I find a lip construction surgeon?... READ MORE

2 years after reconstruction surgery of lower lip, why does the scar get still bulged when I purse my lips? (Photo)

Is that mean that the scar is still in healling proccess? In addition,the scar seems to be with different color. According to your experience and... READ MORE

Would it be possible to have lip reconstruction performed to smooth and even out the entire bottom lip? (photos)

The skin on my bottom lip is uneven and scaly due to burning of a chemical peel. Is it possible for a plastic surgeon to smooth out the skin on my lip... READ MORE

What kind of lip reconstructive surgery would I need and what would the cost be? (photos)

A couple of years ago I got bit by a dog and had reconstructive surgery to fix it, I was told I would need another surgery but never actually did it,... READ MORE

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