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Is There an Operation to Reduce a Protruding Philtrum?

My philtrum is over-defined with each of the two parts creating solid tubular lines from the top of my lips to the skin underneath my nostrils. The... READ MORE

Protruding Upper Lip Which Looks Awkward

I had an accident when i was 9, left side jaw bone fractured and it dint grow. but the right one grew normally and since there is no balance between... READ MORE

The area below my lower lip sticks out a lot compared to other people, can surgery reduce this protrusion? (photo)

My lips are fairly big, the area below my lower lip protrudes a lot compared to other people. Is their surgery to make this area more flat ?  READ MORE

I have protruding mouth with gummy smile problem? (Photos)

Is there any option other than surgery to fix my problem? If surgery is the only option how much will it cost how long it will take to recover? READ MORE

How can I fix my lip? Will braces fix this? (Photo)

My lip is slanted and protrudes a bit. I also have braces. Will the braces fix this? If not, what can I do to fix it? I am 18. READ MORE

Can a lip job solve my protruding lips?

I have big lips my upper one having something protruding.. Can it be solved? READ MORE

I Have a Protruding Philtrum that Makes My Mouth Stick Out. What Can I Do to Push Them Back?

I have a protruding philtrum which makes my mouth stick out. Also I have big lips and my philtrum pushes them out even more. READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce my protruding philtrum? (photos)

Maybe removing an extra layer or smth… But this not a maxillary protrusion. And how much this type of surgery would cost? Thanks for answers! READ MORE

My philtrum sticks out. Is there any way it can be fixed? (Photo)

Is there any way that i can hide it or get rid of it? It makes me look like i have a mustache READ MORE

What causes my upper lip and the area above it to protrude causing an ape like appearance? What can be done? (photos)

I have had braces non extraction so I don't think its my teeth causing the protrusion. What I did notice however is the pink area inside of my mouth... READ MORE

Can I correct my lip protrusion without teeth extraction? (Photo)

I have upper lip protusion. When I went to see an orthodontic surgeon, he told me that he will have to extract my 4 bicuspid teeth to correct my lip... READ MORE

What is wrong with my lips? Which surgery would fix this and how much we looking at? (Photo)

Top lip tends to stick out with deviated septum. Lips don't meet naturally so I tend to have to force my mouth to close. Really causes self confidence... READ MORE

Lower lip is protruding at rest- why? (Photo)

When I rest my mouth, my lower lip protrudes and opens my mouth, even so that the "wet" part occasionally shows. keeping my lips together/mouth closed... READ MORE

Is there any solution for having protruding lips? (Photo)

Hi i just wanted to ask why does my lips protrude so much but there's no problem with my teeth. Since then when I was a kid, my dentist always praised... READ MORE

Can alveoloplasty help reduce a slight maxillary protrusion? What other procedures can help reduce mouth protrusion? (Photo)

I've worn brace before to correct my overbite (without extractions). I don't have any bite issues now. However, I'm still concerned about my slight... READ MORE

Lip protrusion - what are the main causes and what are the procedures that can correct them?

What are the main causes of lip protrusion and what are the procedures that can correct them? Also I am not interested in lip reduction or lip fillers... READ MORE

Please suggest the best treatment to correct my protruding mouth? (Photos)

Do I need jaw surgery or braces ? I also want to do a lip reduction surgery on my lower lip. I am 35 years old. READ MORE

Can I change my lip and chin shape? (Photo)

My lips/chin are funny looking my top lip protrudes out and my bottom one kind of recedes back. My chin bulges out and is huge, but still somehow... READ MORE

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