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Is it normal for lips to get swollen after mucocele surgery?? Does the area get white after the surgery?

Hello! I had a mucocele removal surgery on Saturday. My lips got swollen really bad. I also developed some white coating in my scar area. I visited... READ MORE

What I can I do to fix my uneven upper lip? (Photo)

I was bit on my lip by a dog when I was around 5 years old. I was rushed to the doctor and they sowed it up. Over the years, my lips got thicker and... READ MORE

Best treatment for Lip Augmentation (Photo)

I've asked this question before, however I would like clarification to as what the best treatment option is for my lip asymmetry. I would like to try... READ MORE

Lines/crease underneath lower lip (photos)

Hi. There are two creases under my lower lip that look as if it they are caused by a projecting tendon. I'm not sure if that's necessarily... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip revision? (photos)

I had a laceration on my right upper lip that goes from the mid lip to just a hair past the vermilion border. I had 2, absorbing 4.0 sutures put in.... READ MORE

Why are my lower lips are bulged at right end? (Photo)

My lower lips are not regular shaped is there any non surgical method to correct this i am 17 years old upto what age lips grow i dont want my lips to... READ MORE

Can I fix damage done to my bottom lip? (photo)

I used to suck my bottom lip when I was younger. Now, at the age of 18, I have damage to my bottom lip caused from his bad habit. One side of my... READ MORE

I cannot smile properly because of my lower lip. Would surgery help? (photos)

I have never been able to smile properly, every time i do my lower lip bends into my mouth and covers fully my lower part of my teeth. I can not... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my philtrum longer? (Photo)

I have a very short upper lip, my lips don't touch because of this. Is there a surgery that can elongate my upper lip? What are the pros and con's of... READ MORE

Middle upper lip bulges out over bottom lip, fillers don't help. What else can I try? (photo)

My center upper lip bulges out and overlaps my bottom lip. Bottom lip is also much wider than the upper lip. It's very ageing and makes me look... READ MORE

Everytime I Laugh or Talk my Lips are Crooked - Can it be Fixed? (Photo)

What can I do to have a normal laugh or smile. As I get teased about it. Can it be fixed READ MORE

I highly dislike my profile and how my nose and lips don't seem to be in harmony with each other (Photo)

I dislike how my philtrum stands out so much and how my nose looks flat. I know philtrum surgeries are a little complicated but would rhinoplasty help... READ MORE

What procedure can you recommend for my cupid bow? (photo)

I have always liked my lips but i would love them if i had a defined cupids bow. I've always disliked the way it reminds me that i have a "fish mouth" READ MORE

My lips are very uneven and almost look like they are sliding off of my face. Top is much too small for bottom too. (photo)

I know that I have an asymmetrical face but it really bothers me how uneven my lips are. One side is bigger than the other, one side is drooping, the... READ MORE

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