Philtrum + Lip Surgery

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Is There an Operation to Reduce a Protruding Philtrum?

My philtrum is over-defined with each of the two parts creating solid tubular lines from the top of my lips to the skin underneath my nostrils. The... READ MORE

how to get a cupid's bow & philtrum ridges

Hi there, In would like to know if there are any help for my lips. my lips lack definition and i find them quite odd shaped. Could fillers work to... READ MORE

Crooked Philtral Column/uneven Upper Lip? (photo)

I've got a bit of a combination problem in that my nose isn't quite "in the middle" and neither is my philtral column. My nose angles one way while my... READ MORE

I Have No Philtral Tubercle - Is There a Procedure to Give Me One?

I had my lips injected with restylane..not by a random girl, but at the number one recommended clinic in lake oswego, oregon. It came out horrible the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Permanent Indent for a Flat Philtrum Through Plastic Surgery?

The indent where my philtrum is suppose to be is flat. I've read many threads about philtrum reduction but never one about someone getting philtrum... READ MORE

What Procedure Could I Get to Fix my Turtle Lip? (photo)

I really don't like the way my lips look. Something about the way the cupid's bow juts out. I don't feel that my philtrum is too long but I feel maybe... READ MORE

Procedures For Decreasing the Philtrum?

It's may sound like an odd question but, I want to decrease the space between my nose and upper lip. I don't have really. Thin lips, they're average... READ MORE

Can something be done about my philtrum? (photos)

I've always been self-conscious about my philtrum. I think it is overly deep and defined. Is there anything that can be done about it? READ MORE

Any doctor know how to create a defined philtrum dimple surgically?

I am wondering if any surgeon out there know how to create a philtrum dimple surgically. I know its possible to create philtral ridges with dermal... READ MORE

Is a Cupid's bow procedure right for me?

I have a abnormally long philtrum at 15 years old, and almost no upper lip is visible at all. I've read that this procedure could shorten my philtrum... READ MORE

I Have a Protruding Philtrum that Makes My Mouth Stick Out. What Can I Do to Push Them Back?

I have a protruding philtrum which makes my mouth stick out. Also I have big lips and my philtrum pushes them out even more. READ MORE

Assymetric and Abnormal Philtrum. What Are my Options? (photo)

I have this abnormality at the philtrum area since I was born. Can it be corrected somehow? READ MORE

Is there a way to reduce my protruding philtrum? (photos)

Maybe removing an extra layer or smth… But this not a maxillary protrusion. And how much this type of surgery would cost? Thanks for answers! READ MORE

Is there a way to make my philtrum longer? (Photo)

I have a very short upper lip, my lips don't touch because of this. Is there a surgery that can elongate my upper lip? What are the pros and con's of... READ MORE

My philtrum sticks out. Is there any way it can be fixed? (Photo)

Is there any way that i can hide it or get rid of it? It makes me look like i have a mustache READ MORE

I highly dislike my profile and how my nose and lips don't seem to be in harmony with each other (Photo)

I dislike how my philtrum stands out so much and how my nose looks flat. I know philtrum surgeries are a little complicated but would rhinoplasty help... READ MORE

Can my upper vermilion or philtrum ridge be fixed? (Photo)

My upper vermilion or philtrum ridge is crooked every time I eat and close my mouth. It becomes even more drastic when I'm stressed or straining. Is... READ MORE

What is the best and most affordable way to correct a Philtrum that pokes out like a ski slope or chimp?

My philtrum pokes out like a fish or chimp maybe not as bad but is noticable . it throws off my facial profile and makes my face look chubby or to... READ MORE

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