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Can a small lump on my lip be removed after 9 years? (Photo)

I was hit with a baseball in 2007 and it split my lip in half. They stiched it up but I have a permanent lump. READ MORE

Post scar revision for lip piercing 4 weeks ago

I got stitches removed 3 weeks ago I had 4 stitches on out side and was told I have some on the inside.The scar line itself is small and white but I... READ MORE

After Laser Surgery: when Can I Expect to See the Final Result?

I got a 2 cm gash on the inside of my upper lip from a biking accident 1 ½ month ago. It wasn't found necessary to sew. A week later the lip had ... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover from a lip incision?

Pleasant day! I'm from Kingston Jamaica and I had a lump removed from my lower lip exactly 35 days ago,I went back 9 days after the surgery & the... READ MORE

Fatty lumps below bottom lip. Is there a way to get rid of them? (Photo)

I've found very little information about what these are, other thAn fat pockets or the obicularis oris. no one in my family had them, so they're not... READ MORE

Is possible to get the lump of scar tissue in the middle/side of my lip removed? (Photo)

I had an accident a few years ago, resulting in my teeth and lip being destroyed. I had several stitches through my lip but it has left it looking... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Is It Normal To Have A Burning Sensation In The Lower Lip? (photo)

I had a lump surgically removed from my lower lip approximately a month n 2 weeks...Now I just woke up and notice my lower lip my has a 'burning' feel... READ MORE

When I was little my brother threw a VCR tape at my lip and ever since, I've had a lump on the left side of my lip. (Photo)

I let it heal myself, I didn't get it stitched or anything. I've had it since I was 3 and I'm almost 14. How do I get rid of it? READ MORE

2005: Articol injected into my lower lip. I have lumps all over the inside and outside of my mouth? (photos)

I would like to know if there is a Board Certified Plastic reconstructive surgeon that specifically specializes in the lips. The lip area is very... READ MORE

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