Cupid's Bow + Lip Surgery

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how to get a cupid's bow & philtrum ridges

Hi there, In would like to know if there are any help for my lips. my lips lack definition and i find them quite odd shaped. Could fillers work to... READ MORE

What Procedure Could I Get to Fix my Turtle Lip? (photo)

I really don't like the way my lips look. Something about the way the cupid's bow juts out. I don't feel that my philtrum is too long but I feel maybe... READ MORE

Softening the Cupid´s Bow? (photo)

Hi! I have a question about softening my cupids bow. It´s not really a normal procedure as I have tried to find info about it online. However I feel ... READ MORE

I Do Not Have a Prominent Cupid Bow. Kindly Suggest a Procedure?

I Do Not Have a Prominent Cupid Bow. Kindly Suggest a Procedure. READ MORE

Uneven cupid's bow; how can I fix it? (Photos)

Hi there--I've always had a very prominent Cupid's now in my upper lips, I've been noticing more and more lately that one side is almost pointed and... READ MORE

Is a Cupid's bow procedure right for me?

I have a abnormally long philtrum at 15 years old, and almost no upper lip is visible at all. I've read that this procedure could shorten my philtrum... READ MORE

Lip Reconstruction after Silicone Removal? (Photos)

I've had silicone removal surgeries done and my lips still look big, uneven, asymmetrical. I have silicone that had migrated to the white part of the... READ MORE

I have a question about the lips and what options do I have to achieve my desired shape? (Photos)

My lips are "smushed" or to close together, I don't think it's about the length between my nose and Cupid bow but more as with my upper jaw structure.... READ MORE

How can I get a cupid's bow without making my lips bigger? (Photo)

I have rather full, natural lips (people have asked me if I get fillers because everyone else in my family has small lips, but I just lucked out) that... READ MORE

I need to remove the cupids bow on my upper lip, how can this be done?

I absolutely without a doubt HATE my upper lip, it looks like a fish lip, not only because of the exaggerated cupids bow but also because their is a... READ MORE

Uneven cupid's bow. Is there a way to raise one side without having it lifted with surgery? (Photo)

I was born with a tumor beneath my nose. It warped my lip and nose and have had 3 reconstructive surgeries since. I have a very asymmetrical face and... READ MORE

Is It Be Possible to Lift my Upper Lip, and Create a More Defined Cupids Bow Without Changing the Size of the Lip? (photo)

Hi, I would really like to create a more even and defined upper lip without really changing its size. I would also like to plump the lower lip but in... READ MORE

What procedure can you recommend for my cupid bow? (photo)

I have always liked my lips but i would love them if i had a defined cupids bow. I've always disliked the way it reminds me that i have a "fish mouth" READ MORE

Is it possible to obtain a wider Cupid's Bow with surgery? (Photo)

I have a very little Cupid's bow & would like a slightly bigger one example in the pictures below READ MORE

About half of my upper lip was removed after a recent dog bite. Can it be fully restored? (Photo)

My main concern is the lack of symmetry in my smile, especially visible from the side angle of my face. I'm also very concerned about the stretching... READ MORE

ahow ugly are my lips, what can I do to fix them??? (photos)

Ever since I was little I have noticed that my lips are not even. Two years ago I got attacked by a dog, and the unevenness of my lips did not start... READ MORE

My upper-lip is deformed; pulling up one side, more when I talk. Options? (Photos)

I have discovered this issue after facelift a year ago, but I always had a long, flat lips, wide nose and wide cupidity bow. Now my lips is crocked.... READ MORE

Is there a surgery for cupid's bow/arrow lip surgery? (Photo)

I hope my photo is big enough to see that I unfortunately do not have the depth of the cupid's arrow lip, but i was hoping that there is a such... READ MORE

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