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Is Changing Lip Shape Possible?

Can you change the shape of your lips? If so, how much does it cost? READ MORE

How much does the lip lowering surgery procedure cost?

I have a gummy smile and was looking to lower my lip line with this surgery. I have already had my gum line surgically raised as far as it can be... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery That Widens the Corner of my Lips (Left&right)?

I already have a full upper and lower lips and don't want to make it any fuller. But I think the length of my mouth is small, I want to make my... READ MORE

I have a short upper lip that does not rest closed naturally? (Photos)

My upper lip arches up, preventing my mouth from resting closed. I have to consciously force my mouth closed, which often causes my lower lip to rise... READ MORE

I have protruding mouth with gummy smile problem? (Photos)

Is there any option other than surgery to fix my problem? If surgery is the only option how much will it cost how long it will take to recover? READ MORE

Can I make my big and wide lips less wide and less big? (Photos)

Hello and thank you for your time. I would like to know if I can make my wide lips smaller and more astethically pleasing. Because I really want cute... READ MORE

Is there a way that I can fix my uneven lips through surgery? What can be done and how much would it cost? (Photo)

The left side of my lips has always been a but droopy and my bottom lip is clearly enlarged on the left. When I smile, it appears as if I'm always... READ MORE

What Surgery Options Are There for Mentalis Strain?

I can't close my lips properly and when I do it's only for a few seconds and causes mentalis strain. What surgery options are there and are... READ MORE

How is Hypermobile Lip Surgery is Performed and What is the Average Cost?

I have a gummy smile and my teeth shape is not short. I was told by cosmetic dentist that gum re-countering is not an option. I've heard about... READ MORE

Cost and Procedure of Full Lip Reconstruction?

I have a small mouth (the corners reach the beginning of my pupils), and my lips are very full and round. My lips make my face look increasingly... READ MORE

What would be the cost for doing a lip surgery?

Sir, I am 20 years old now. I had an accident 13 years ago which consequently led to the split of my upper lip. The doctors stitched it up back then.... READ MORE

What is the best and most affordable way to correct a Philtrum that pokes out like a ski slope or chimp?

My philtrum pokes out like a fish or chimp maybe not as bad but is noticable . it throws off my facial profile and makes my face look chubby or to... READ MORE

Skin bulge around lips on both sides. How can it be removed? (Photo)

I have little bulge on both sides of my lips how can it be removed what could be the approx cost and how my sittings are required READ MORE

Extra clump of lip formed after an accident. Is there a diagnosis? How to rid of it? What are the costs? (Non)surgical? (Photo)

I was in a motorcycle accident nearly 6 years ago. I neglected to get stitches leaving a permanent little scar on the inside and outside of the right... READ MORE

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