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Is It Possible to Reduce a Protruding Upper Lip Tubercle?

I am a 27 yr old woman. The "tubercle" on my upper lip is quite droopy looking and it's always annoyed me. It looks like a the way a... READ MORE

Can Surgery Repair my Lip? Had a Skin Graft After Mohs

I had a skin graft after Mohs. The graft extended down into my upper lip. The result is my lip line (from the center extending about 3/4 of an inch... READ MORE

Should I Get Lip Augmentation or Chin Reduction (Or Both) and Cost of Each?

Hello! I do not like the look of the bottom half of my face. My chin sticks out a bit (horizontally, not vertically) and my lower lip is a bit smaller... READ MORE

Is a Cupid's bow procedure right for me?

I have a abnormally long philtrum at 15 years old, and almost no upper lip is visible at all. I've read that this procedure could shorten my philtrum... READ MORE

What surgery would you suggest to make my lips more attractive? (Photo)

I have a very odd lip shape. No defined cupid's bow, weird muscles above my upper lip, and my lips are quite small in proportion to the rest of my... READ MORE

What to do with my lips? The upper lip is bigger than the bottom (Photo)

Im very insecure about my lips, the shape is uneven and far from beautiful. Its huge compared to my bottom, and makes the bottom look like its sinking... READ MORE

What can I do to decrease the length of my philtrum? (Photo)

I have a long face but feel all the length comes from my philtrum which makes my lips look too far down my face. I am a twenty-five year old woman.... READ MORE

Hypermobile lip surgery - yes or no? Braces - yes or no? (Photos)

I want to do upper lip repositioning surgery. My goal is to keep my lip from showing all the gum (see pics below). Overbite, used to it, but maybe... READ MORE

What can I do to make my lips even and symmetrical again? (Photo)

The left side of my bottom lip is bigger and fuller than the other side. When i smile my lips look uneven and it looks odd. Is there a way to make... READ MORE

Is It Be Possible to Lift my Upper Lip, and Create a More Defined Cupids Bow Without Changing the Size of the Lip? (photo)

Hi, I would really like to create a more even and defined upper lip without really changing its size. I would also like to plump the lower lip but in... READ MORE

Is it possible to obtain a wider Cupid's Bow with surgery? (Photo)

I have a very little Cupid's bow & would like a slightly bigger one example in the pictures below READ MORE

Is there a way to elongate my upper lip? (Photo)

Would lip injections elongate my upper lip? What should I do to make my upper lip longer. As you can see I have a very short upper lip, and my lips... READ MORE

Can surgery repair my upper lip line? (Photo)

I was born with a cleft lip that was repaired when I was an infant. However as you can see in the picture, the repair left a really noticeable... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my upper lip? (Photo)

The center of my upper lip got ripped off because i kept peeling my skin. Is there anything i can do to fix it? Do i need lip filler or surgery for this?? READ MORE

Can my lip be reconstructed? (Photo)

I had exfoliative cheilitis for years,it destructs my lips appearance, READ MORE

What can I do to fix the asymmetry of my lips? (Photo)

I was born with a condition known as fibrous dysplaysia which has affected the structures of my skull. As a result, the left side of my face droops... READ MORE

Upper lip surgery? (Photo)

What surgery can be done to move my upper lip into a straight line? and how can i move my lips into a symmetrical shape? i hate my upper lip. and when... READ MORE

What procedure or exercise can I do to attain more symmetrical lips? (Photo)

I seem to have a permanent issue with my lip, possibly from fighting. My lip is raised on one side, and when i talk it always raises more on the... READ MORE

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