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What Procedure Would Be Best for my Lip Scar After Mucocele Surgery? & How Long Will Recovery Take?

I had a mucocele removed from my lower lip about 2 years ago. The mucocele actually grew right in the middle on my lower lip(very noticable). Since... READ MORE

Numb Lower Lip?

Tonsils removed 10 days ago. Right after surgery, I noticed that the inside of my lower lip was cut and experienced numbness in the middle section of... READ MORE

When I Talk or Smile my Lower Lip Slants? (photo)

Why does it do this? I've never really noticed it my friends did. Can I do anything to fix it? READ MORE

Lower Lip Area Shaped Weird? (photo)

So, this is weird but I'll try to explain it as best I can. My lower lip seems to have pockets of fat or muscle underneath it that protrude and form a... READ MORE

Can permanent lip swelling be fixed?

About 8 years ago I felt a cold sore on the corner of my bottom lip. Since I never had one before I popped it. I realized my mistake when that half of... READ MORE

I recently had a small mucocele removal on my lower right lip. Had a question about symmetry in healing process.

Hello. I recently had a mucocele removal (for biopsy as well) on the lower right inside of my lip. It was relatively small in size, but some... READ MORE

Will my lip look normal after mucocele removal surgery or will it look ugly due to cuts and stitches?

I am going to do mucocele removal sugery of my lower lip..........does my lip look normal after surgery or it look ugly due to cuts and stiches READ MORE

Bottom lip asymmetry (puffy) after two mucocele removals, and a steroid injection? Can a plastic surgeon fix this?

After having a mucocele develop over the years, last year I had it removed. The ENT doctor used a knife, and not a laser. Two months after I had it... READ MORE

The area below my lower lip sticks out a lot compared to other people, can surgery reduce this protrusion? (photo)

My lips are fairly big, the area below my lower lip protrudes a lot compared to other people. Is their surgery to make this area more flat ?  READ MORE

Having a Mucocele removed tomorrow from my bottom lip that I have had for about 30 years, is this a simple procedure? (photo)

Hi. I am having a Mucocele removed tomorrow from my bottom lip that I have had for about 30 years. I am really worried about the surgery after reading... READ MORE

Why are my lower lips are bulged at right end? (Photo)

My lower lips are not regular shaped is there any non surgical method to correct this i am 17 years old upto what age lips grow i dont want my lips to... READ MORE

I played basketball then this happen, i want to know if i get stitches will it scar and it will be noticeable? (photo)

I played basketball and i've been elbowed, my jaw hurts too and i think its bcause of the pressure. I must know if i must get stitches or if i get one... READ MORE

Bottom lip doesn't move correctly?

So I was born with this. My bottom lip movement doesn't move correctly. Its hard to explain this and I have been trying to do research about how to... READ MORE

Can I have lower lip advancement surgery to increase the vertical length of my lip?

Is it possible to have lower lip advancement surgery to increase the vertical length of the lower lip? Does it involve VY plasty or can it be... READ MORE

Fatty lumps below bottom lip. Is there a way to get rid of them? (Photo)

I've found very little information about what these are, other thAn fat pockets or the obicularis oris. no one in my family had them, so they're not... READ MORE

Asymmetrical lower lip shape post mucocele removal surgery. Are there options to male it symmetrical? (Photo)

I had mucocele removed twice from my right lower lip 2005 and 2007. My lower right lip now is assymetrical. Is there surgical or nonsurgical options... READ MORE

Regarding lip surgery/mucocele removal

Hello. I had a lip biopsy to remove a mucocele on my lower right lip. Some surrounding tissue was removed as well to make sure was all out. It is 3... READ MORE

Lower lip asymmetry, in both fullness and shape, possibly caused by tight labial frenulum? (Photo)

I have a quite asymmetrical lower lip that I believe may be due to an overly tight, and off centre, labial frenulum. This really bothers me as it is... READ MORE

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