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Lip Asymmetry After Mucocele Surgery. Repairable?

I recently had a large mucocele removed from the inside of my lower lip. The amount of tissue removed and the resulting scar inside the lip has left... READ MORE

Lower Lip Deformity from Mucocele Removal. What Filler Can I Use? (photo)

Hello I have had a mucocele removal from my lower lip and it was done very badly 3 months ago,as a result I have a large gap/depression on the inside... READ MORE

What Procedure Would Be Best for my Lip Scar After Mucocele Surgery? & How Long Will Recovery Take?

I had a mucocele removed from my lower lip about 2 years ago. The mucocele actually grew right in the middle on my lower lip(very noticable). Since... READ MORE

Upper lip hangs down into smile. Will it return to normal? (Photo)

I had 5 stiches inside the left side of my upper lip towards the corner of my mouth. It is healing just fine but now the left side of my upper lip... READ MORE

Bumps Still Left After Upper Lip Vermilion Advancement?

Almost 4 months ago, I had an uppper lip advancement (shortening). I've sent in photos before, and there certainly is improvement from those photos;... READ MORE

I recently had a small mucocele removal on my lower right lip. Had a question about symmetry in healing process.

Hello. I recently had a mucocele removal (for biopsy as well) on the lower right inside of my lip. It was relatively small in size, but some... READ MORE

Should I remove the white stitches after 2 weeks of plastic surgery? (photos)

I had had an accident and my upper lip got open cut at the middle that required me to do plastic surgery 2 weeks ago and 1 week later i came back to... READ MORE

Is there cause for concern, if- one or two days after lip surgery- several dissolvable stitches came out on their own?

I recently underwent facial surgery to remove a tethered scar, extending from my nose, through to the end of my lip. The surgical incision went... READ MORE

I Had Done Lip Reduction 40 Days Ago, and Now my Lip Became So Hard?

Hi i had done lip reduction 40 days ago,, and now my lips are still so swellon and its became so hard that i cant smile bcs my lips cant spread... READ MORE

I Had V-Y Upper Lip Advancement with Some Lip Lengthening, Need to Know How Much Relapse Will Be There?

I had V-Y upper lip advancement with some lip lengthening,i look my lip now and i feel its long(the white part) more than i want,swelling is also... READ MORE

Will the Lump on my Actual Lip Go Away in Time? (photo)

Dear Doctor/s three weeks ago I had an accident mountain biking. I broke my nose and took some flesh away from just under my right nostril and... READ MORE

Would 2nd reconstructive surgery help lower lip? Are implants/fillers options due to scar tissue from mucocele removal? (Photo)

I had a large mucocele removed from my lower lip about 4.5 years ago, that required reconstructive surgery. I was so insecure at the time when this... READ MORE

What is the Pros and Cons of V to Y Lip Advancement? (photo)

What is the pros and cons of v to y lip advancement ? I did reduction lip but it is too thin and ugly shape. I would like a wider upper lip.What... READ MORE

3 Months After Lip Reduction, Too Soon to Know Final Results?

Had a lip reduction procedure done on 11/2/11 on both lips. I am a 27 old male I can see the change on the lower lip but i can't see the decrease... READ MORE

Post scar revision for lip piercing 4 weeks ago

I got stitches removed 3 weeks ago I had 4 stitches on out side and was told I have some on the inside.The scar line itself is small and white but I... READ MORE

Frenulum Was Cut and Bad Result is Showing Now, Is there Anyway to Correct? (photo)

Dear Docs I had lefort 1,jaw surgery in another country long time ago and the surgeon cut frenulum .therefore when i smile my upper lips hid of upper... READ MORE

Swelling not reducing one week and 4 days after lip laceration. Is it permanent?

I fell down from a bike and got a through and through cut (laceration) on my upper lips. I got stitches both on the outside as well as the inside.... READ MORE

Will this swelling go or it will stay for ever? (Photo)

I got stitches on my upper lip 3 months ago and im still having swelling on my upper lip just a small part of it and its hard when i touch it READ MORE

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