Upper Lip + Lip Reduction

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Correcting "Duck Lip" with Lip Reduction and Lip Lift?

I was talked into injecting a permanent filler (Artecoll) to augment my upper lip by a PS in Europe 3 years ago. I am very unhappy with the outcome.... READ MORE

How to Reduce Jutted Upper Lip?

I have an unknown injected substance in my lips, which I had surgically corrected by a lip reduction surgery. It changed the shape to a more natural... READ MORE

Lip Tuck/Reduction Needed to Remove Unknown Filler?

I had an unknown filler injected into my lips years ago and went through two lip reductions to reverse it. The bottom lip is fine however the upper... READ MORE

Please Help I Did Upper Lip Reduction but It is Too Thin and Ugly Shape? (photo)

I have had Surgery to make my lips thinner and am not Happy with the Results. I would like to have a Slightly thicker middle, upper lip which will... READ MORE

Recovery time for upper lip reduction?

My upper lip is a bit too big compared to my lower lip and I have been thinking about reducing the upper lip soon. am a 26 yr male. I know swelling is... READ MORE

Skin Above Upper Lip Protruding After Lip Reduction?

I need this corrected and I already underwent two lip reductions. I cannot do any injectable dissovants because the substance I had originally... READ MORE

Is Any Doctor Familiar with the Bikini Lip Reduction?

The methods I've read for the Bikini Lip reduction (on a Canadian forum) are quite interesting. I'd be willing to travel (within the USA) if I could... READ MORE

My left upper lip is Fat/bigger, I want it get removed and have a top lip . WHAT SURGERY WHO I CHOOSE FOR THIS? (photo)

My Upper lip it bigger then my other side it's embarrassing for me because I'm in high school and I want to get it removed . I hate the way My Lip is ... READ MORE

I have this small bump on my upper lip. I was born with it and I want to know if it can be removed. (Photo)

I was born with a small rounded bump on my upper lip and i would like to know if it is possible to get it removed and if so is it expensive? And where... READ MORE

I have a fat upper lip. Can surgery or some sort of excision remove this? (photos)

I have a fat upper lip like picture related, can surgery or some sort of excision remove this? (This isn't me in the picture, just an example) READ MORE

Why Can't I Find Extensive Information Or Dr's Who Perform The Lip Suspension?

This is when the suture is inserted inside the nose, loops down through the muscle in the lip, ends back inside the nose; much like a U shape. This... READ MORE

Why the upper lip sticks out? (Photo)

My upper lip sticks out, what to do? very embarrassed! And so all the time smiling, just like that! Help! Can you without surgery? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Restore Your Ability to Smile Broadly After Too Much Tissue Was Removed During an Upper Lip Reduction?

Two years ago I had an upper lip reduction. Unfortunately too much tissue was removed, so now my smile is too narrow and no longer matches with my... READ MORE

Upper lip covers upper teeth when smiling, how to fix and have bigger smile? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I have a thing with my smile. I have never had anything done on me, but seriously considering since whenever I smile it looks... READ MORE

24 hours post upper lip reduction surgery. How can I help reduce the swelling and bruising? (Photo)

I had my upper lip reduction yesterday. It was quite painful last night that i could not sleep . The pain has subsided this morning , but my upper lip... READ MORE

How much does upper lip reduction cost and is there an age restriction? (Photo)

Hi I am a black male who wants upper lip reduced. I am also a 17 is there an age restriction? READ MORE

Asymmetrical upper lip - reduction? (photo)

My upper lip has a weird "wavy" and asymmetrical form (upper picture). Can it be changed into a more even line with the help of lip reduction (smth.... READ MORE

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