Swelling + Lip Reduction

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Lips Still Slightly Swollen 10 Months After Lip Reduction, How Long Until Completely Healed?

Hello I had lip reduction done on both lips nearly 10 months ago. They have slowly healed quite a bit over the 10 months, however, they are both still... READ MORE

Lips Swelling 2 - 3 Times in a Month. Looking for Some Info or How to Cure It? (photo)

Dear sir, I am 29 age man from India. smoking 5 - 10 in a weeks, Yearly 2 - 3 times drink habit & yes was with tobacco but not now last 1month.... READ MORE

Should I consider a lip reduction? (Photo)

When I was about 9 I experienced trauma to my upper lip. My lip began to swell and dad thought it would go away, so he didnt try to treat it. Fast... READ MORE

After two lip reduction surgery lips still the same as before? (Photo)

Why my lips still big just like before after two lip reduction?My first surgery last April 2013 .And my 2nd was last quarter of 2014.I fell like... READ MORE

11 days post op Lip Reduction surgery, I have so much swelling and my upper lips are asymmetrical. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello,i get lip reduction surgery about 11 days ago till i have so much swelling but it heal day by day but my upper lip are very unsymmetrical right... READ MORE

Why do my lips look like this after lip reduction four weeks ago? (photos)

They look like this it looks like i have to sets of lips attached. I go see the the Dr once a week and all he tells me is once the swelling goes... READ MORE

Post Lips Reduction . Results or Swelling ?

Hello dear doctors , i have done a lip reduction in June . 2012 now its july 2013 ,and my lips still big , i am not sure if this is a swelling or this... READ MORE

24 hours post upper lip reduction surgery. How can I help reduce the swelling and bruising? (Photo)

I had my upper lip reduction yesterday. It was quite painful last night that i could not sleep . The pain has subsided this morning , but my upper lip... READ MORE

I had a lip reduction 11 days ago. Is it normal to have swelling, causing asymmetry? (Photo)

I have done a lip reduction surgery. Now is post op D11. The swelling has gone down a but but I noticed some sunkenness and retraction at my left... READ MORE

3 days post op Lip Reduction. Today, I can see a big difference between the left and the right side. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a lip reduction 3 days ago. Swelling has started to get better since yesterday. I noticed yesterday that one side was slightely bigger. Today, I... READ MORE

I had a lip reduction surgery 7 months ago and I'm still swelling. What can I do?

I perform lips reduction surgery 7 months ago.... but still swell .. dr said result is produced.. but i will not satisfied ..now what can i do?? READ MORE

Lips still big after lip reduction surgery.

Hello 2 days after lip reduction surgery my lip stay big my im go on my doctor they was say your lip heal in 6 month and its swelling in your lips and... READ MORE

Every once in a while, my upper lip swells. What's causing it? (Photo)

My upper lip swells up badly and it won't go down for a full day or maybe two. It doesn't hurt but at times, it gets itchy and very red. READ MORE

Regarding Lip Reduction Surgery; what to do next? (photos)

I operated with one of the recommended doctor on Friday (June 5, 2015) and finally my doctor told me that it will take hardly 10-15 days time and... READ MORE

Lip reduction. Is it hardness or swelling?

Before 1 yr, I have done lowet lip reduction. But my lips are still hard and tight. I am confused because i am feeling heavy lips like filled by air.... READ MORE

Can I get a lip reduction to cure chronic edema? (Photo)

My lips swell for no real reason on and off. The picture is them swollen. I have done all sorts of test and have been diagnosed with Granuloma... READ MORE

Lips swell and bigger. (photo)

My lips are getting swell & bigger because they easily dry so wet them with my tongue and i am not able to control it, with any pulp also its not... READ MORE

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