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Options to Make Lips Smaller?

I wanted to make both my top and bottom lip smaller. The main issue I have is my lips having a really pink skin toward the inner most part of my lips... READ MORE

Why is my bottom lip so big? (Photo)

I've always had big lips but it seems like as I got older they got bigger... I don't know what's wrong please help I don't think I'm allergic to anything READ MORE

How to Treat Scars After Lip Reduction To Make Lips Soft?

Hello I had lip reduction 18 months ago, and my lips still feel a bit hard and tight, there are actually hard bumps along the incision lines. Is there... READ MORE

Possible To Have a Lip Reduction After Silicon Injections? (photo)

I get silicone injection in my upper lip 7 years ago (2005) and since 2009 my lip has lumpy and puffy look. Can this be repair ? READ MORE

Why do my lips poke out so much? (Photo)

My lips stick out so much and it's so annoying. Whenever I talk, you can see all of my bottom teeth due to the drooping of my bottom lip. Also when I... READ MORE

I want to reduce my size of lips. They look too big and awkward. Is there any way naturally? (Photo)

I want to reduce my size of lips.they look too big and awkward.is there any way naturally?? READ MORE

Lip reduction. How can I get thin lips? (Photo)

I have very thick lips i want to get thin lips please tell me the process how can i get thin lips.although i have thin lips in childhood but that time... READ MORE

How can I reduce my lip size? (Photo)

Im 18 years old male .My lips has seems to be a little large size ,i want it reduce onto normal size READ MORE

All the stitches came out too soon after my lip reduction surgery. What will happen to my lip? (Photo)

I have had a lip reduction surgery 2 weeks ago. All the stitches came out and the "wound" filled up with white layer. I am worried that the amount of... READ MORE

Want to get rid of my big lips. If you have any suggestions or any natural medicine then please share with me

Hello doctor, My name is Aakash Sirdhana. I have problem with me of my big lips. I want to reduce them. if you have any suggestions or any natural... READ MORE

I have this small bump on my upper lip. I was born with it and I want to know if it can be removed. (Photo)

I was born with a small rounded bump on my upper lip and i would like to know if it is possible to get it removed and if so is it expensive? And where... READ MORE

What procedure can correct this? Is the only solution removal of part of the lip? (Photo)

Had lip injections done in my top lip about 10 years ago, looked great at first but over the years my lip became deformed. I was told it was biopole?... READ MORE

What can I do to get a narrower lower lip?

I just want to have bit more narrow lip so that it looks more better READ MORE

What are typical results after lip reduction scar-wise?

I've had lip reduction a few years ago. At rest they look ok (inconspicuously thin red line, more obvious depending on lighting. Not ultra smooth... READ MORE

Why the upper lip sticks out? (Photo)

My upper lip sticks out, what to do? very embarrassed! And so all the time smiling, just like that! Help! Can you without surgery? READ MORE

Upper lip covers upper teeth when smiling, how to fix and have bigger smile? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I have a thing with my smile. I have never had anything done on me, but seriously considering since whenever I smile it looks... READ MORE

My lips stick out further than my nose. Is there any surgery that can fix this? (Photo)

Hey, ive always assumed that there was a problem with the symmetry of my face since i was younger when I realised that my pictures would not come out... READ MORE

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