Non Surgical + Lip Reduction

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How can I reduce my lips without surgery?

Im too young to have a surgery but my long big lips make me feel embarrassed sometimes i search all over the internet for a clear i couldnt find it i... READ MORE

How to reduce lower lips naturally with home remedies ? Is it possible? (photos)

My lower lips look big than upper its happened because of my habits of sucking my lower lips while sleeping when i was little now i regret it a lot... READ MORE

Is Surgery is the Only Option to Reduce Lips Size Permanently?

I heard that there are some injections that can reduce lips size is that true? READ MORE

Are there any effective ways for me to reduce my lip size, they are far too big. Don't tell me it's good the way it is! (photo)

I really need a way to reduce my lip size a lot. but i dont have enough money for surgery. so surgery is out of the question. just effective methods... READ MORE

Any suggestions for lip reduction or should I live with it? (photos)

The area around my lips is kinda big and black ( i have huge orbicular oris ) what do you suggest to do? surgically and non surgically. READ MORE

How to get smaller lips without makeup or surgery?

I have really big lips I want to get rid of them but I don't know how please help! READ MORE

I want to reduce the size of lips. Is it possible without surgery? (photo)

I have problem with my upper lips. They appear to be very large than normal. At the same time, i also have problem of chin protruding. The chin is... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the lip size without surgery?

I heard doing tongue twisters and putting it in cold water helps it remove excessive fat,is this true? READ MORE

How to fix asymmetrical lips (non-surgical)? (Photo)

One side/middle of my top lip is fuller than the other side [see image]... how will i be able to correct it without surgery? I want to make the fuller... READ MORE

I want to ask you if there is anyway to reduce my lips without a surgery? (Photo)

I did lip reduction surgery twice last one was 2 years ago ,, but still i hate my lips size and wish to have them thinner. READ MORE

Lip reduction. Is there any possible way to have it non-surgically? How much would it cost? (Photo)

Hey I'm clara and I'm 21 years "young" and I was thinking about a lip reduction. But I'm a bit scared to go under the knife. Is there any possible way... READ MORE

How can I decrease the size of my top lip and turn up the corners of mouth without surgery? (Photo)

As you can see, I have full lips. However, I am not happy with my top lip and the corners of my mouth turn down. I constant told that I have a... READ MORE

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