Filler + Lip Reduction

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Removing Filler to Reduce Lip Projection?

I want to remove my lip filler and reduce the projection, any ideas? I've had lip reduction; did a little for the shape, not the fullness. READ MORE

Lip Tuck/Reduction Needed to Remove Unknown Filler?

I had an unknown filler injected into my lips years ago and went through two lip reductions to reverse it. The bottom lip is fine however the upper... READ MORE

Is Surgery is the Only Option to Reduce Lips Size Permanently?

I heard that there are some injections that can reduce lips size is that true? READ MORE

Lip reduction and removal of permanent filler is it the same procedure?

Why some surgeon are able to do this and others are affraid to touch it? READ MORE

Lip reduction complications? I have slight prognathism.

I have thick lips and slight (upper) jaw prognathism. I went to ask for lip reduction and my doc recommended a ton of procedures, saying that i needed... READ MORE

Can I have lip reduction on a cleft lip overdone with filler? (Photo)

Born with cleft lip. Didn't like my nose, met with surgeon for rhinosplasty. he insisted he had to redo my lip. he cut a portion on cleft side out, so... READ MORE

Hello my name is kayla is there any filtters that will reduce my lips and make smalll i dont want big lips at all (photos)

For example one side is bigger than the other i want the doctor to shirnk the big side and make it small like the other side make it the same size... READ MORE

Non-invasive way to reduce size of my lips? (photos)

Greetings, I would lIke to pose the following inquiry: how do I get a more proporational pout? I always found my lower lip sort of sticks out unevenly... READ MORE

Uneven top lip. Needs fillers and possibly also a lip reduction. Lips don't line up/ close properly. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have an uneven upper lip - the skin on the right side hangs down too low and makes my lips not line up or close all the way. I had a strawberry... READ MORE

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