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Do More Surgeons Perform Lip Reduction Surgery?

Ive been looking for more surgeons in the Los Angeles area that put up 'lip reduction' procedures on their websites, but I haven't found many (only 1... READ MORE

Is 18 Too Young to Get a Lip Reduction?

I am an 18 year old female and was born with large lips. I have been thinking about lip reduction for a long time and was wondering if I am old enough... READ MORE

Should I Get Lip Reduction Surgery (African American)?

Hi,I am a 13 soon turning 14 year old. I am an African-American and I have really large lips. I have been made fun of them since I was 9 years old and... READ MORE

I am interested in getting a Lip Reduction on my lower lip. Do you think I need it done? (photo)

My bottom lips have been bothering me for the longest time. I do have full lips and I feel like my lower lip is a bit outwards and I cant close my... READ MORE

I'm a 28 year old African American female. With very big lips. (photo)

I don't really like what I see in the mirror. I think my lips make my appearance very unattractive. I don't like getting out much and I only socialize... READ MORE

What would you recommend to reduce my upper lips? (photos)

Please help me rashmi this side my i really need to reduct my upper lip. How would i reduct my upper lip READ MORE

Should I get a lip reduction? (photos)

I know lots of women idealize big lips, but i feel like mine are too big. In fact I wish I had small doll-like lips, so I was wondering if I should... READ MORE

I am planning to go in for a lower lip reduction surgery. Please see if it will give good results!

I feel my Lower lip protrudes beyond the upper one giving me a sulky expression and so I want a very slight correction as Ilike my full lips :) I am... READ MORE

How invasive is the procedure, what type of anesthesia is used, and how long will it will take for my lips to fully heal?

Hi. I am a 24 yeard old Africa American female and I am interested in having lip reduction. I have searched the web for information regarding to the... READ MORE

What are the risks of the procedure? (photos)

Like anyone else on here, my main concern are the health risks. Also, would it be recommended to get a lip reduction for both upper and lower? l I... READ MORE

Why do my lips look like this after lip reduction four weeks ago? (photos)

They look like this it looks like i have to sets of lips attached. I go see the the Dr once a week and all he tells me is once the swelling goes... READ MORE

Lower lip reduction vs chin implant

Hey, please I would like to improve my facial profile (because I have a weak chin and big lips that makes me self-conscious) and my front view in... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the skin around my mouth so my lips don't stick out so far? (photo)

I'm interested in plastic surgery to reduce the size of my lips and skin around my mouth. I've always been self-conscious about it and hate the look... READ MORE

I have a pouch above my upper lip that I have never seen on anyone else - what is it? (Photo)

I am 20 and I have had this pouch my whole life - I have only seen one other person with this pouch. What is this called, why does it happen, and can... READ MORE

Does Lip Reduction look natural? And also is there a surgery to make eyes bigger permanently (not just botox)? (photo)

Hi all, i was just wondering if the lip reduction surgery looks natural? And would it (in your opinion) improve my looks or would it make me funny and... READ MORE

What advice can you give for a lip reduction? (photo)

Im a freshman in university student, i want to ask some one whos do lip reduction or someones else have a same problem with me. my lips in normal mode... READ MORE

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