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Do More Surgeons Perform Lip Reduction Surgery?

Ive been looking for more surgeons in the Los Angeles area that put up 'lip reduction' procedures on their websites, but I haven't found many (only 1... READ MORE

I have this small bump on my upper lip. I was born with it and I want to know if it can be removed. (Photo)

I was born with a small rounded bump on my upper lip and i would like to know if it is possible to get it removed and if so is it expensive? And where... READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for Lip Reduction? (photos)

I was always leaving my mouth open while I slept,hence the overbite and huge lips.I cant wear colored lipstick because my bottom lip touches my chin I... READ MORE

I want to have plastic surgery to fix a previous procedure on my lips and possibly a nose job. (Photo)

My had a lip reduction when I was 19 yrs old but the recovery was bad and my lips are even worst then before; appealing to me at all. Im looking to... READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor who had done a lip reduction surgery on Asian skin. Any suggestions?

I wish I could take off 1 centimeter of my lips thickness. I would like to know the estimated cost for the over all procedure. How experienced you are... READ MORE

Lip Reduction Surgeons in Philadelphia Area?

I'm looking for recommendations for surgeons in the Philadelphia area who *regularly* perform lip reductions. I've heard about one in Texas, but I'd... READ MORE

Any doctors who can help me fix my lips? (Photo)

I need my lips reduced!!! Specifically my bottom lip! Its too big and I want it smaller and smoother. I want to reduce the appeaarance of the line in... READ MORE

Any doctors who perform a Lip lowering Procedure for a Gummy Smile?

I want to get a lip lowering procedure done for a gummy smile. I have a hyper-mobile and short upper lip. I've only been able to find one doctor in... READ MORE

Any suggestions for a doctor for a lip reduction close to where I live if possible close by McAllen, Texas? (photo)

I've had some lip injections of God knows what in Mexico 6 yrs ago and by now my lips look uneven and too big I need a lip reduction on top and my... READ MORE

Should I get lip reduction surgery? If so, what surgeons specialize in lip reduction in the Bay Area? (photos)

I have had big lips since birth. As a toddler I fell down and according to my mother my bottom teeth went through my lower lip. I'm the only one on my... READ MORE

Will surgery be the best option. What are the repercussions for me? (photos)

My lips are very big, and it makes me very uncomfortable and always Friends tease me a lot. Also, it is very hard to take a picture since I always... READ MORE

I wanted to know if there were any doctors in the Houston, TX area that perform a lip reduction?

It's just as the question says. I want to know if anyone performs this surgery because I've been looking on the website of surgeons in the Houston... READ MORE

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