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Lower Lip Reduction Costs in Philadelphia, Maryland, or D.c?

Hello, what is the price range for a lower lip reduction or an effecient means to remove the purple pigment from my vermillion border and innermost... READ MORE

How much would it cost for lip reduction and rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Though they compliment each other, I have always had an issue with my large, wide nose, and my large lips. I've always been hesitant to pursue getting... READ MORE

My lower lip is really big and protruding. What are my options? (Photo)

I get conscious about it every now and then. I'd want to know, and give I'd be glad to get a non-professional answer on this, whether it looks... READ MORE

What treatment options are available for my large upper lip(double lip), and how much would they cost? (photos)

I am very insecure about my smile, my lip rolls under and extra lip sticks out creating a double lip. I also have a thick frenulum attachment from my... READ MORE

Any doctor's suggestions for Lip Reduction? (photos)

I was always leaving my mouth open while I slept,hence the overbite and huge lips.I cant wear colored lipstick because my bottom lip touches my chin I... READ MORE

Lip reduction (upper and lower) cost? Lips are pictured. (photos)

I have made the decision to reduce my lips after being the object of bullying and low self-confidence because of their size. I know reducing them will... READ MORE

Planning to get my lip reduction, is it safe? How much lips should be reduced? (photos)

I am a 25 year old Asian planning to get my lip reduction, my lips look exceptionally large and whenever I speak to someone I get a feeling they are... READ MORE

Is $1500 the cost for lip reduction for one lip?

I recently contacted with a doctor, and I the price he gave me is 1500 dollar, I'm worry about this price is only for one lip. READ MORE

Lip reduction - how much does it cost?

I have like 2cm square of extra fat (meat) around my mouth, how much does it cost to get it reduced? I have done alot of research and lip reduction is... READ MORE

How much does upper lip reduction cost and is there an age restriction? (Photo)

Hi I am a black male who wants upper lip reduced. I am also a 17 is there an age restriction? READ MORE

Lip reduction. Is there any possible way to have it non-surgically? How much would it cost? (Photo)

Hey I'm clara and I'm 21 years "young" and I was thinking about a lip reduction. But I'm a bit scared to go under the knife. Is there any possible way... READ MORE

How much does lip reduction cost in NYC?

I'm a 15 year ol looking to have their bottom lip reduced READ MORE

Can lip reduction fix my lips? (Photo)

Because I am a lip picker ( still cutting the habit ), I think it has changed the shape of my lips and made them too swollen and huge as well as... READ MORE

Will surgery be the best option. What are the repercussions for me? (photos)

My lips are very big, and it makes me very uncomfortable and always Friends tease me a lot. Also, it is very hard to take a picture since I always... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have my lower lip reduced?

I want to know the exat cost of surgery of my lower lip READ MORE

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