Asymmetry + Lip Reduction

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Bottom Lip Severely Asymmetrical After Lip Reduction

Dr(s), I had a lip reduction that had less then favorable results. My bottom lip is severely asymmetrical, My vermilion border slopes from right to... READ MORE

Would lip reduction be beneficial for me? (photos)

Hi everyone, I was wondering if lip reduction would be possible / beneficial for me? I have a cross bite that has caused my jaw to shift to the left.... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Correct and Reduce my Lips?

I had braces as a kid to fix my buck teeth, one of my teeth grew out of my gum. My lips stretched to conform to my teeth, but now my teeth are... READ MORE

Is it true that lip reduction surgery make the lip longer than before?

Is it true that lip reduction surgery make the lip longer than before? I went to a doctor and I ask to do lip reduction but she said the surgery will... READ MORE

I am planning to go in for a lower lip reduction surgery. Please see if it will give good results!

I feel my Lower lip protrudes beyond the upper one giving me a sulky expression and so I want a very slight correction as Ilike my full lips :) I am... READ MORE

I would like to get lip reduction surgery (I'm firm with this decision) where can I schedule an appointment? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 20-year-old Hispanic male who is seeking lip reduction surgery on both lips, but mainly on my upper lip since it is asymmetric and has an... READ MORE

What can be done to reverse fat graft on upper lip?

Upper lip is very assymetrical and lumpy. Also covers my teeth when I smile. Will microliposuction to the lips help? Lip reduction? READ MORE

11 days post op Lip Reduction surgery, I have so much swelling and my upper lips are asymmetrical. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello,i get lip reduction surgery about 11 days ago till i have so much swelling but it heal day by day but my upper lip are very unsymmetrical right... READ MORE

I had lip reduction surgery and I feel like my lips are rotting after I remove the stitches. Is this a problem? (Photo)

After removing my stitches my lips continued to bleed and I've observed dark and yellow spots forming around my this a problem? It seems like... READ MORE

Post Lips Reduction . Results or Swelling ?

Hello dear doctors , i have done a lip reduction in June . 2012 now its july 2013 ,and my lips still big , i am not sure if this is a swelling or this... READ MORE

I had a lip reduction 11 days ago. Is it normal to have swelling, causing asymmetry? (Photo)

I have done a lip reduction surgery. Now is post op D11. The swelling has gone down a but but I noticed some sunkenness and retraction at my left... READ MORE

My lips stick out further than my nose. Is there any surgery that can fix this? (Photo)

Hey, ive always assumed that there was a problem with the symmetry of my face since i was younger when I realised that my pictures would not come out... READ MORE

Asymmetrical upper lip - reduction? (photo)

My upper lip has a weird "wavy" and asymmetrical form (upper picture). Can it be changed into a more even line with the help of lip reduction (smth.... READ MORE

How to fix asymmetrical lips (non-surgical)? (Photo)

One side/middle of my top lip is fuller than the other side [see image]... how will i be able to correct it without surgery? I want to make the fuller... READ MORE

Cheilitis Glandularis

I have been diagnosed with Cheilitis Glandularis by a plastic surgeon. He has recommended resection of the inner lip tissue. From my own reading of... READ MORE

What's the best way to reduce my thick lips? They are not ethnic, and probably caused by thumb sucking (Photo)

As you can see my lips are extremely shapeless and lack structure. My childhood pics show perfectly normal and good looking lips but I, from birth... READ MORE

Can upper lip reduction surgery improve my asymmetry smile? (photos)

About 10 years ago I had upper and lower jaw surgery to correct my bite. The bite was corrected, but I was left with a much thicker upper lip than I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for lip reduction? Lip asymmetry post mucocele excision, hoping to understand all my options (Photo)

Hello all, I had a rather large mucocele excised recently. First in December 2015, then revised in late February 2016 as the first attempt was clearly... READ MORE

Lip reduction or filler for asymmetrical lips? (Photos)

My upper lip slants down like a triangle, my smile is too wide for my upper lips & vermillion border disappears. My lower lip is full and covers my... READ MORE

What do I need to get my lips even/symmetrical and not so fat? (Photo)

What needs to be done so I can have my lips thinner and more symmetrical READ MORE

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