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How can I reduce my lip size naturally? (Photo)

Im 18 years old male .My lips has seems to be a little large size ,i want it reduce onto normal size. Can it reduce naturally or not, if not what are... READ MORE

Is 18 Too Young to Get a Lip Reduction?

I am an 18 year old female and was born with large lips. I have been thinking about lip reduction for a long time and was wondering if I am old enough... READ MORE

How can I reduce my lip size? (Photo)

Im 18 years old male .My lips has seems to be a little large size ,i want it reduce onto normal size READ MORE

Does lip reduction surgery often produce natural looking results?

I'm a 23 y/o white male and am not happy with the way I look. I don't hate my face but have been irritated by my androgynous appearance for as long as... READ MORE

I am 20 years old. My lips are fatty. Please give me a suggestion to reduce them (Photo)

Sir i am 20 years old i have fetty lips ..i want to reduce it because it create problem around friend i request you please sir give me suggestion... READ MORE

How invasive is the procedure, what type of anesthesia is used, and how long will it will take for my lips to fully heal?

Hi. I am a 24 yeard old Africa American female and I am interested in having lip reduction. I have searched the web for information regarding to the... READ MORE

What are the risks of the procedure? (photos)

Like anyone else on here, my main concern are the health risks. Also, would it be recommended to get a lip reduction for both upper and lower? l I... READ MORE

How does lip reduction surgery go in long term?

I am 19 year old male. I have heard that surgery can cause odd looks when you grow old. So if I get lip reduction surgery, does that mean it is... READ MORE

I would like to get lip reduction surgery (I'm firm with this decision) where can I schedule an appointment? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 20-year-old Hispanic male who is seeking lip reduction surgery on both lips, but mainly on my upper lip since it is asymmetric and has an... READ MORE

I am 20 yrs old and I've had a thumb sucking habit since childhood. How can I reverse the effects?

Due to this my lips got bigger in size thus making me consious about them . How to reseverse the effect of this habit ? READ MORE

Is there any way to naturally reduce the size of the muscle under my lip? (Photo)

Hi, I'm a 19 year old aspiring model, and for some time I've been unsure of my chances due to the unusually large muscle under my lip. It's always... READ MORE

Upper lip covers upper teeth when smiling, how to fix and have bigger smile? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I have a thing with my smile. I have never had anything done on me, but seriously considering since whenever I smile it looks... READ MORE

I am 18 years boy. I need to reduce my lips. I am very unhappy with my lips. Help please. (photo)

Hello Sir, I am 18 years old boy. My lips are very thick. I have some questions- 1. Can I make it thin by surgery? 2. Will my face change after... READ MORE

I'm 18 and have big lips and would like to get them reduced. Is it possible through surgery ?

I had braces and used to bite my lips a lot. and now i have big lips. and i feel that my lower lip is more bigger. I would like to get the size... READ MORE

Lip reduction. Is there any possible way to have it non-surgically? How much would it cost? (Photo)

Hey I'm clara and I'm 21 years "young" and I was thinking about a lip reduction. But I'm a bit scared to go under the knife. Is there any possible way... READ MORE

Lip reduction for 19 year old male? (Photo)

I am a 19 year old male with bigger lips, looking to thin them out. They chapped and often split in the winter. Wondering what my options would be and... READ MORE

My lips are too large. I'm 22 yrs old. My friends makes a joke on my lips. Is it possible to reduce my lips? (photo)

I'm afraid to surgery. i want to reduce my lip both lips specially my upper lips please advise me and in pskistan any surgeons you know or dubai... READ MORE

Is there any way I can reduce my lip size?

Hi I'm an Indian. Age 23. I use to suck my thumb till the age of 15-16 due to which my lips have become really fat and I feel insecure because of that... READ MORE

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