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Im 28. is It Possible for a Filler to Lift my Upper Lip in Order to Expose More Teeth (1mm)? (photo)

Im 28 years old and id like my upper teeth to show a little more when i smile. Im only like 1mm short of a nice smile. Id like to know if instead of a... READ MORE

Very Little Teeth Show, What Do You Think of Lip Lift for Me? (photo)

When I open my mouth or talk my teeth don't show at all and I find it very unattractive. I look like I don't have any teeth. All my life I've hated... READ MORE

Just Recently my Upper Lip Began Covering my Upper Teeth Almost Completely. What to Do?

36 yrs old, braces 12+ years no breaks. Recent months my orthodontist began closing a large space, I asked him if the lips drooping over my top teeth... READ MORE

Surgery to Show More Teeth?

I have a long middle face which is usually associated with gummy smile however my situation is different. Whenever I smile barely any teeth is shown.... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift Make the Cupid's Bow More Visible?

I'm 18 and my cupid's bow is not very noticeable. Doctors around my area does not offer any procedures for only the cupid's bow. READ MORE

Does the Lip Lift procedure show my upper teeth? (photo)

I am 25 years old woman. my lip is very dropped. it always was like that. 1ml of Swiss Kiss in May 2013 to my upper lip (the lower lip is my natural).... READ MORE

Lip Lift Second Round?

I had some dental work done to improve my smile. what i found was that my top lip when smiling covered my top teeth a little bit. i notice when people... READ MORE

New techniques to lift the lower lip/reduce aging-related lower teeth show?

The upper lip lift has gotten a lot of attention, but what procedures are available to lift the lower lip after the lower teeth have become more... READ MORE

Lip Lift - visible scarring? (photos)

Hello doctors! I am looking to do a liplift. But I would like to know if i an achieve lips like the girl photographed. It doen't really matter the... READ MORE

Would I be the right candidate for a lip lift? (photos)

I have always had issues with my mouth / the area under my nose. Not necesarilly because of the fact that my lips are quite small, but more because of... READ MORE

What to Do for my Teeth to Show? (photo)

What should I get done so that my upper teeth show a little when at rest? I am going to get fillers because my upper lip is too thin (i'm 16). Will... READ MORE

Should I get a lip lift? My philtrum is quite long. (Photos)

Dear doctors, i think my philtrum is quite long i want it to be shorter, as i had rhinoplasty before im afraid scar will be more visible due to my tip... READ MORE

Lip Lift or Fillers?

As I age my upper lip if dissapearing and while it was never full, this is now bothering me enough to do something. I am considering an upper lip lift... READ MORE

Is there a way to perform small lip lift without cutting near the nose?

I really like my nose and even if a small scar was visible somewhere on philtrum I would rather that than any cut near around my nose. I have not seen... READ MORE

Is it possible to get the lip lift surgery done without having any teeth showing?

Hi i was wondering if having the lip lift surgery would not make me able to close mouth. After seeing some pictures i can see that some peoples teeth... READ MORE

My Teeth Don't Show when I Smile..Would Braces Help? (photo)

The first picture is when I try to smile casually but I can't show my teeth.In the second picture I try really hard and some of my teeth show(However... READ MORE

Teeth to Show Without Lip Lift?

My teeth do not show very much when I smile and do not show at all when my mouth is open without smiling. However, my philtrum is not long. Is there a... READ MORE

What is the best route to having more visible upper teeth? (photos)

My upper teeth aren't very visible, and I believe this is due to having a full upper lip. I'm wondering if a lip lift, porcelain veneers, or possible... READ MORE

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