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I Want Sub-nasal Lip Lift to Show Teeth + Small Philtrum, How Should I Go About This?

Hi. I want to get a sub-nasal lip lift because my upper teeth don't show at all in general and barely show when I smile, however I have a... READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Help my Smile?

When i smile and talk you can barely see my upper front teeth. I was told that i have a long upper lip but that a lip lift wouldn't help my smile... READ MORE

Im 28. is It Possible for a Filler to Lift my Upper Lip in Order to Expose More Teeth (1mm)? (photo)

Im 28 years old and id like my upper teeth to show a little more when i smile. Im only like 1mm short of a nice smile. Id like to know if instead of a... READ MORE

How much upper tooth show to expect after swelling goes down? (Photo)

I had a lip lift on 4/7/2015 and got out very swollen, especially on day 3. Curious to learn whether there will be more or less upper tooth show once... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for the Lip Lift Procedure? (photo)

Hi, I am very interested in the lip lift procedure. As you can see from the attached pics, I have very little upper tooth show. I've been getting... READ MORE

I am not happy with a recent lip lift as I feel not enough skin was cut. What can you suggest? (photos)

My upper teeth still dont show and due to a previous jaw operation i show too much lower teeth as I have nerve damage, I would like to show more upper... READ MORE

Will a lip lift give me a normal toothy smile? (Photo)

For my whole life I have never been able to smile with my teeth. When I try, mostly the bottom teeth show. When I talk, only my lower lip moves and... READ MORE

Is it normal to see my bottom teeth when smile?

My upper teeth barely show when I smile. The gum is hooded from my top lip and I'm wondering if that's normal? My bottom teeth on the other hand, are... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for lip lift? (Photo)

I envy other women with great smile showing their teeth. When I talk and smile, my upper teeth barely shows. I also had rhinoplasty. Would there be... READ MORE

My upper teeth do not show when I talk or smile. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a 21 year old girl who has always hated my nose and smile. My teeth are normal sized, if not large, so I don't understand why they do not show.... READ MORE

My smile, and lower face in general really bothers me. What should I do to show my upper teeth more? They look small. (Phoot)

I have a deviated septum as well. Could this have a toll on my bad smile? Also, I am almost done with Invisalign. Can an orthodontist fix my smile?... READ MORE

No upper tooth show - am I a candidate for lip lift? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 22 year old woman and I don't have particularly thin lips but I've just always had this long upper lip. When I part my lips or talk, it... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for an upper lip lift? (photos)

When I slightly open my mouth,talk or smile my upper lip don't lift up to show my teeth. A cosmetic dentist told me , by lengthening my upper teeth... READ MORE

Is 5 mm lift enough to create a noticeable difference? (Photo)

I am scheduled for a lip lift in 2 weeks. But I am now concerned that I will not see the results I would like to have. I would like to show upper... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my mouth or resting bitch face, would a lip lift help ? What about the edges? lower lip? (photo)

I hate my lips and resting bitch face, my upper lip completely covers my upper teeth, even when I smile and I hate the way my face has a frown look. READ MORE

Lip Lift; no upper teeth show. (photos)

I was considering a bull horn lip lift as there is no upper teeth show while resting or talking. Is it true that Asians scar more than Caucasians and... READ MORE

I want a shorter face. Should I have upper teeth intrusion with lip lift or maxillary impaction with lip lift?

I have a long face, the problem is mainly my lower face I have slight to mod vertical max ex, gummy smile, slight lip incompetanc, deep overbite,... READ MORE

Can't show my upper teeth when I smile, laugh or talk. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Can't show my upper teeth well when I smile, laugh or talk. My lip is always covering the teeth. It's possible to show them only when I flip my nose... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a lip lift? (Photo)

The space between my nose and my upper lip is too long, as well as my upper lip is quite thin, especially when I smile. I like that lip lifts can... READ MORE

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