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Lip Lift to Shorten Distance Between Top Lip and Nose?

Would I be a good canditate for a Lip Lift? I would like to shorten the distance between my top lip and nose and change the shape of my top lip so it... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Lip Lift? (photo)

Hi there my top lip protrudes and I hate it. I remember when I was younger, I had two teeth removed and had to wear a head brace (which I never wore).... READ MORE

Which procedure should I have done first? (photos)

Looking to have two procedures done; lip lift and alarplasty. Nose is noticeably asymmetrical, want to correct that while reducing width of nostrils... READ MORE

Does my top lip need a lip lift or do I need lip injections? (Photo)

My top lip is very much thinner than my bottom and I would like to very much get it fixed. The problem is that I don't know which procedure to go for... READ MORE

What would scars from a lip lift look like, and would I be able to get rid of them?

I have a very long space between my nose and top lip and I cringe when I look in the mirror. I am aware that I would have scars and they will probably... READ MORE

I had a lip lift 2 weeks ago and my top lip is still extremely swollen and huge. Will it go down?

It's had the move them from the tightness and swelling.It's also really hard and tight above my lip and one side is bigger (and harder/tighter). I... READ MORE

Bullhorn lip lift able to raise outer thirds of top lip? (Photo)

I'm looking to get a Bullhorn lip lift. I'm also concerned about raising the outer 1/3s of my top lip, so that more of the red shows for a more full,... READ MORE

Help! Lip lift or not? (photo)

After having lip fillers a few times I was never satisfied, I felt something still didn't look right. I realised it may be my upper lip I'm not happy... READ MORE

Is 5 mm lift lip enough? Clarification to previously posted question (Photo)

I made a mistake with previous question - the distance between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lip is 17 mm - not 13 as I write mistakenly.... READ MORE

Lip lift? (photos)

As you can see, my top lip is al lot smaller than my bottom lip. I'm thinking about getting a lip lift, what do you think? Is that the best option? READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for an under nose lip lift and top eyelid lift? (Photo)

My eyes bother me they look sunk in and depressed it bothers me if was wondering if I would be a good canidate for top eyelid lift also I want my eyes... READ MORE

What would be more beneficial for my top lip? Permalip or Upper Lip lift (Photo)

From the photos you can tell this I have very thin lips. Especially my top lip.I think I will get a good result with Permalip for my bottom lip I... READ MORE

Would a lip lift add more fullness to my top lip? (Photo)

I am a young male with a 20mm long philtrum who would like this length reduced by 5mm. The only method of shortening the philtrum that I'm aware of is... READ MORE

Will a lip lift bring up my top lip? (Photos)

I've been looking at lip lift before and after and I notice the top lift being big the first 1 month but is completely back to normal at month 3. The... READ MORE

I wish to do a Lip lift how much skin in your opinion should be removed for me to see a nice big change? (photos)

Dear doctors i want to do a lip lift i ,im from america but i will fly were ever to do it, i want to see a big change in my lips as the distance from... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a top lip lift? Or bottom? (Photos)

I have no upper lip and have been self conscious of it! Will a top lip lift make a top lip? READ MORE

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