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Uneven Swelling After Bullhorn Lip Lift

Bulhorn lip lift - I had mine 3 days ago. Is uneven swelling (nostrils) common? I know it's too early to look in the mirror, but my nose and the area... READ MORE

Should I Get the Upper and Lower Lip Lift Before or After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a primary procedure done which left me with an overly long upper lip and a "monkey smile" where the upper lip bunches up when I smile.... READ MORE

Can I Get a Lip Lift Before Rhinoplasty?

I would like to start by getting a lip lift to correct a long upper lip, and see if it corrects my appearance sufficiently. If not, then I would do... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need To Wait To Have a Lip Lift Revision?

Hi I had a lip lift done 4 weeks ago (i am 27). I am not satisfied. I asked my doctor to cut out more than 5mm skin as i a have big distance between... READ MORE

Lip lift revison - how long should I wait? (Photo)

Iam arabic lady so sorry for my poor.. I plan to do lip lift and i was 15mm and my doc cut off 4 mls and my face became better than before and iam now... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get Lip Filler After a Bull Horn Lip Lift Aka Upper Lip Lift?

Hello there, It's almost one month since I got an upper lift along with rhinoplasty. I am wondering how soon can I get a little bit of Juvederm on... READ MORE

Should I have my upper lip lift done before my rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I understand they should not be done at the same time, so which should begin with? READ MORE

I was wondering if there is a permanent way to lift my philtrum through a small procedure right under my nose? (Photo)

I don't want bigger lips so I don't want fillers I just want a small lift so that my upper lip isn't so "bird" mouth looking. I don't want something... READ MORE

How soon can I possibly be presentable after bullhorn lip lift surgery?

I have olive skin and I scar well. I'm a really fast healer and in excellent health. I'm 48. Do you think it is possible for me to be presentable in... READ MORE

Recovery time after gullwing lip lift?

Hi there, I've been considering a gullwing lip lift (knowing the pros and cons of it over a bullhorn lip lift), but I do work in a very social... READ MORE

Lip Lift before or after Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 23 and I want to get a lip lift and then in about 6 months get a rhinoplasty. Is it better to do the rhinoplasty first or does it even make a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and lip lift- at the same time?

I am really keen to have a corner and upper lip lift, however at some point (less urgent) I would also like to have a revision rhinoplasty to... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift? (photos)

Hi, I've been contemplating a lip lift and wondered whether any experts can recommend an experienced surgeon that has expertise in this procedure.... READ MORE

Lip Lift and nose job! Which one first?

I want to get a lip lift and a nose job. Since they both involve incisions at the base of the nose, which should I get done first? I'm concerned that... READ MORE

Is it best to have facial fat grafting before my lip lift procedure?

I plan to have my second facial fat grafting which will include adding some fat into my lips. I'd also like to have a lip lift but am researching an... READ MORE

Lip lift before or after revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I am interested in a lip lift and a revision rhinoplasty (to narrow the nose). My nose also hooks when I smile so I am considering a modification of... READ MORE

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