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Will a Lip Lift Help to Show Upper Teeth when I Smile?

When my mouth is closed it looks pretty normal, but when I smile, my top lip don't lift up to show my teeth. It hangs over my teeth like a curtain. I... READ MORE

Lip Lift or Other Procedures to Make Upper Lip Go Up and Teeth Are Showing?

I want something done to my top lip. I think it's very sexy when the top lip goes up and the teeth is showing. My lip completely covers my teeth. So... READ MORE

Can I Get This Result with a Lip Lift? If No, What Are the Other Possibilities ?

Hello there, Im getting a rhinoplasty soon which gonna make my upperlip more long and raise the tip. Thing is that, my smile is dropping and don't... READ MORE

Will a Lip Lift Improve my Smile?

I think I understand the basic concept of the Lip lift but I'm not sure if it will solve my problem, which is that when I smile, you can't really see... READ MORE

Lip Lift Possible Despite an Overbite?

I would like to get a lip lift because I have a long philtrum that makes my face look older and less proportional. Although my upper lip covers most... READ MORE

What type of lip lift would suit me best, if any? (photos)

26 years old, teeth already showing, want more proportionate plump lips.  Seeking advice from experienced surgeon regarding my lips reshaping. My... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lip Lift or Veneers?

Very small part of my teeth show when I smile, and it looks quite ugly. READ MORE

No Tooth Show ~ Lip Lift Candidate? (photo)

Hello. I have been bothered for a while now over the fact that when I smile (even the hardest I can), there is little to no tooth show. I have put ALL... READ MORE

Teeth don't show with mouth open? What's wrong? (Photo)

I've heard that a lip lift could benefit this problem however I've also heard that if your teeth don't show when your mouth is slightly ajar then that... READ MORE

How is that I used to have teeth showing when I smiled, now I don't? (Photo)

I had not much teeth show when I smile since I can remember but I just found a photo when I was a kid (maybe 9 Yo) and my smile was perfect then, what... READ MORE

Would an upper lip lift help my teeth show more when smiling? (photos)

This is an odd question, but is there a way to make my smile a little gummier? Unless I really force it and slightly scrunch my nose, my teeth don't... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation And/or Rhinoplasty (photo)

I posted a similar question but included some before pics. All responses were referencing the before and not the after pics so I'm posting again... READ MORE

Possible to Have a Lip Lift Without Increasing the Upper Vermillion Border?

I already have a full top lip, but I would like to increase the amount of teeth that show and also reduce the distance between the vermillion and the... READ MORE

My teeth don't show when talking and barely show when I smile. Is lip lift a good solution?

I dont have thin upper lip and my philtrum is not that long but i wonder why my teeth dont show when i talk and it hardly show when i smile. Is... READ MORE

Surgery to Show More Teeth?

I have a long middle face which is usually associated with gummy smile however my situation is different. Whenever I smile barely any teeth is shown.... READ MORE

I am a 51-year-old female, lately I noticed that my teeth do not show when I smile (Photo)

Can a lip lift improve my smile and how do you guard against the frowning mouth in the corners? Also, it seems weird that my lip does not move when I... READ MORE

30 yrs old. Should I get an upper lip lift? My lips are very full (naturally), but I feel that my upper lip is very low. (Photo)

I would like an opinion if I should get an upper lip lift. My lips are very full (naturally) I have never done anything to my lips. I love the... READ MORE

Am I a Lip Lift Candidate? (Photos)

Hello, I am wondering if I would be a candidate for a Lip Lift? I have nice teeth but they never show when I open my mouth, and also do not show much... READ MORE

My Teeth Don't Show when I Smile..Would Braces Help? (photo)

The first picture is when I try to smile casually but I can't show my teeth.In the second picture I try really hard and some of my teeth show(However... READ MORE

Can I Get my Lower Lip Lifted a Bit Without Covering Front Teeth?

Im considering an upper lip lift (bulls horn) but i would like to get my bottom lip lifted a little bit because i want it a bit higher and i dont like... READ MORE

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