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Most Natural Looking Lip Lift Possible? Modified Lip Lift?

If an incision was made under the collumela that tapered into the nose,NOT to extend under the nostrils, would that lift up the middle portion (cupids... READ MORE

I Want Bull's Horn Surgery, And My Dr. Wants To Incorporate The Nasal Sill Lift, What Do You Think Of This Technique? (photo)

I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about getting the bull's horn lip lift. He suggested that I have the nasal sill lift (which I... READ MORE

What is the Longevity of an Italian Lip Lift Vs a Bullhorn? I'm Young and the Latter is Not Recommendable.

Hello I'm considering a lip lift, but I'm told my skin is too young and it won't hide a scar well. Is the italian lip lift a good option? I'm... READ MORE

Removing Skin and Muscle for Upper Lip Lift, or Just Skin?

May i ask what is the difference between the method of only removing the skin and removal of both skin and muscle for upper lip lift ? Does removing... READ MORE

Lip Lift Excisinng Skin & Muscle Hemming or Skin Only for Best Long Lasting Results.

Which offers best long lasting result and hides scarring best with lip lift ,excising skin only or skin with muscle hemming? READ MORE

Possible to Have a Lip Lift Without Increasing the Upper Vermillion Border?

I already have a full top lip, but I would like to increase the amount of teeth that show and also reduce the distance between the vermillion and the... READ MORE

Upper Lip Lift. What Technique Do You Recommend?

I am a 28 year old female with thin lips and a long upper lip. I am considering lip lift and fillers to enhance the volume of my lip. I want to know... READ MORE

I would like a lip lift to balance my facial features & bring my upper lip closer to my nose. What is the best approach?

I am told there are several techniques - muscle hemming, skin only, etc. I am worried that skin only will result in a short term result and a larger... READ MORE

Lip Lift & Lower lip Vy plasty; What techniques will give the best result and be safest?

I had lip lift & lower lip vy plasty= zero results EXCEPT a bad scar underneath nose & lump of scar tissue inside lower lip. Lower lip feels thinner,... READ MORE

Lip Lift - How severe is the scarring? (Photo)

I really hate the length of my philtrum. My upper lip curls in when I smile so it pretty much disappears. What bothers me the most is my upper teeth... READ MORE

Is There a Ps in the NYC Area Who Performs Lip Lifts Similar to Dr. Haworth in CA?

I read Dr. Haworth doesn't merely reduce the skin between nostrils & upper lift, but rather hems the muscle for better, long-lasting results. READ MORE

Muscle Hemming, in regard to a lip lift? (Photo)

I have been doing research for years on getting a lip lift and after reading all the variations on this website, I'm even more confused. 1) Does... READ MORE

Lip Lift Second Round?

I had some dental work done to improve my smile. what i found was that my top lip when smiling covered my top teeth a little bit. i notice when people... READ MORE

Which Lip Lift Gives the Best Results?

I have a long thin upper lip, and a long Philtrum which I want correcting, I have been researching and need advice on what sort of lip lift will both... READ MORE

Do any doctors offer the 'Greenwald' lip lift?

I am reading that many doctors prefer the 'bullhorn' lip lift but as I am not happy with the scar I would like to know if there are any alternatives.... READ MORE

Do any surgeons perform this particular lip lift technique where a portion of the scar is hidden inside the nostrils? (Photo)

Do any surgeons perform this particular lip lift technique where a portion of the scar is hidden inside the nostrils? Why is this method not as... READ MORE

Does Anyone Have Any Information on the Corner Lip Lift (Depressor Anguli Oris-dao Release)? (photo)

I cannot find as much information on the depressor anguli oris-dao release procedure as other lip lifting procedures. Is this a good solution to folds... READ MORE

Internal Lip Lift?

I've heard about internal lip lift procedure and I got excited as my upper teeth are not showing and the scar left buy the removal of skin with other... READ MORE

Lip Lift with No Scar in Los Angeles Area?

Hi, I am interested in shortening the distance between my upper lip and nose. However, I dont want to remove any skin from the area since that will... READ MORE

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