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Lip Lift to Shorten Distance Between Top Lip and Nose?

Would I be a good canditate for a Lip Lift? I would like to shorten the distance between my top lip and nose and change the shape of my top lip so it... READ MORE

Can I Change the Shape of my Philtrum & Upper Lip? (photo)

My philtrum is wide & little uppish.My upper lip is very thin. When i smile my upper teeth also not visible. is there any way to make my philtrum... READ MORE

Are There Steps That Can Be Taken to Avoid a Change in the Nostril Shape from a Bull Horn Lip Lift?

Or does it just depend on the individual? Also, can a gull wing be preformed if I already have filler in my lips? I am 29 yrs old if that makes a... READ MORE

Considering a Lip lift and Rhinoplasty, wondering if a lip lift would work for my unique lip shape? (photos)

HI! I am a 25 year old female from the vancouver area and I have been insecure about my lips for ages. Sometimes from straight on I love the way they... READ MORE

Is there anyway for me to get a shorter philtrum? lip lift, but I have normal sized lips! (photo)

I am a male. My long philtrum is too long. If it was raised slightly higher it'd help a lot on my facial aesthetics. The problem is my upper lip isnt... READ MORE

Will lip lift change the shape of my nose or nostrils? (Photo)

My main worry ids that it will alter my nose/nostrils READ MORE

Nose shape completely different after lip lift (Photo)

I had a lip lift done 2 days ago (two incisions inside the nostrils) I'm still very swollen. Yesterday I removed the bandage from my nose and I was... READ MORE

Can a lip lift be performed this way? (Photo)

I have a longer distance between my nose and my upper lip which I dislike. I'm considering a lip lift, however I'd rather not change the shape of my... READ MORE

Lip Lift - visible scarring? (photos)

Hello doctors! I am looking to do a liplift. But I would like to know if i an achieve lips like the girl photographed. It doen't really matter the... READ MORE

What is purpose of getting a lip lift? I had originally thought it was to fix lips that were down turned in a frown shape.

As I look at photos on this site, I'm seeing surgery to lessen the space between mouth and nose...what's the difference? READ MORE

Is a lip lift right for me? (Photo)

Hi, I was wandering if a lip lift ( shorten philtrum) is a good idea for me. I like the shape of my lips but my philtrum is too long and it bothers me... READ MORE

31 year old looking for permanent fuller lips while achieving good shape. Am I a good candidate for upper lip lift? (Photos)

Afraid of scaring left on the upper lip lift. Not a big fan of makeup. What would be the best option for me? READ MORE

Strange shaped lips after lip lift?

I've Been left with excessive Cupid bow after a liplift revision. Is there anything that can be done to repair the problem. READ MORE

Lip Lift. I would love to increase the lines and shape and decrease the distance between nose and lip (Photo)

Hi! i was watching photos and reading reviews i guess forever already! just want opinion from professionals! dont want dramatic changes. want my upper... READ MORE

Am a good candidate for a Lip Lift to shorten space between my mouth and nose? (Photos)

I am unhappy with how long the space is between my mouth and nose. I am interested in a lip lift in the hopes that it will improve the appearance and... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift to decrease the space between red lip and nose and change shape of thin lumpy lip? (Photo)

I am interested in an upper lip lift. However, I am concerned for a few reasons. My first concern is having a gummy smile afterwards. I do show some... READ MORE

Deformed Nostril Shape After Second Lip Lift (Can It Be Fixed?) (photo)

I had a lip lift 2 years ago. I wasn't satisfied and a week later asked my surgeon to take out more skin. The incision the second time looked messy,... READ MORE

Looking for a surgeon for skin graft after a disastrous lip lift.

After a disastrous lip lift that left me with only 6 mm philtrum (6mm on the center and the original 15mm on the sides) I'm looking for a revision.... READ MORE

How long is general recovery time post lip lift procedure? Is it worth it? (Photo)

I am considering a lip lift, but I have a lot of things holding me back. First is recovery time, because I wouldn't be able to take much time off.... READ MORE

Can I change shape of upper lip? Is fat transfer for lips the right option for me? (Photo)

I want to drastically change the shape of my lips, my upper lip has is very little so there isn't much to work with. But I want to make the shape much... READ MORE

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