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Lip Lift or Filler Advice

I'm not sure if I would benefit more from a lip lift or a lip filler. I am 36 and I'd like to go with something a long term results if possible.   READ MORE

How to Fix Bad Results from Bullhorn Upper Lip Lift?

Years ago, I had a Rhinoplasty and was very happy with the results. Then I had a bullhorn upper Lip lift a year ago. Now my lip to nose ratio has... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling After Bullhorn Lip Lift

Bulhorn lip lift - I had mine 3 days ago. Is uneven swelling (nostrils) common? I know it's too early to look in the mirror, but my nose and the area... READ MORE

Is a lip lift revision advisable? (Photo)

Had a list lift 22 months ago. Not a good result. Feel that the Dr. was too conservative and not meticulous when closing the incision. No teeth show.... READ MORE

I had a lip lift procedure and I have been picking at the incision site?

I have been picking the area nonstop. The second I realized that I didn't get the results I wanted was when I started not caring about the post-op... READ MORE

Will a lip lift get me the results I want? (photos)

I don't think lip injections look natural and I want a lip lift. I was wondering if I could get these results? READ MORE

Do bullhorn Lip Lifts last?

I've seen many pics of the effects of this type of lip lift and I like the result. How long does it last? Will the lip eventually return to its... READ MORE

Thinking about getting a lip lift. Should I? Which type? Do results stay forever? Do you need to redo it in the future? (photo)

Im 24 years old. Been thinking about getting a lip lift for a while and not just fillers or injections. I am unhappy with my top lip and I need advice... READ MORE

Lip Lift Results & Revision; Should I be expecting my PS to do the revision for free? (Photos)

Lip lift procedure done this past Tuesday. I already know I want a revision due to the lack of results I see. Should I be expecting my PS to do the... READ MORE

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