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What type of lip lift would suit me best, if any? (photos)

26 years old, teeth already showing, want more proportionate plump lips.  Seeking advice from experienced surgeon regarding my lips reshaping. My... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Lip Lift and Lump Removal

I have lumps on my lips After Artecall! I must remove it! Same time to have a lip lift. Any excellent doctor out there that is reasonable 2? READ MORE

Lip Lift Procedure After Lip Augmentation?

A year ago I had permanent lip fillers injected & am not happy with the result. I recently visited a known surgeon who informed me it can be... READ MORE

How much can be removed during lip lift? (Photo)

How much skin can be removed during a lip lift? I've read multiple reviews about others having to have the procedure done twice to remove the right... READ MORE

Fat Transfer in lips still painful, sticky, lumpy after 9 Months. (photo)

Surgeon did a face/neck lift and recommended a lip lift during which he injected abdominal fat into my inner lip mucosa. I was told the fat would... READ MORE

In the months following a subnasal lift lift, approximately how much will the upper lip drop? (Either percentage-wise or in mm)

Is it wise to remove an additional mm or two (or more?) of skin to ensure that the final result is the ideal length? Thanks! READ MORE

Why do some surgeons remove more mm skin laterally than medially in a subnasal lip lift? Is it just to change the lip shape?

I had a subnasal lip lift a few months ago. My surgeon removed the same amount of skin across the base of the nose (~5mm). As my lip has settled, it... READ MORE

I wish to do a Lip lift how much skin in your opinion should be removed for me to see a nice big change? (photos)

Dear doctors i want to do a lip lift i ,im from america but i will fly were ever to do it, i want to see a big change in my lips as the distance from... READ MORE

Removing Permalip implants, will my lips return to normal? (Photos)

I have silicone permalip implants put in three years ago.. It looked pretty god for about a year and now my lip is thicker , wider and longer which... READ MORE

Lip lift or filler remover then re-injection for botched lip filler? (Photos)

Would I benefit more from a lip lift or just removing bad filler, and redoing them with a better injector. Had them done with juvederm 3 years ago,... READ MORE

Hate my long philtrum filler didn't work, doing a lip lift now, will I need to remove the filler?

Hi im 27 years old I only did fillers to get rid of the long phiterm more than for bigger lips and it didnt work much Im Going to do a lip left ,... READ MORE

Chin strain still, 6 months after lip lift. Will it go away? (Photo)

I had a lip lift 6 months ago in November. I did not have any chin strain before the surgery, and now it's both very uncomfortable closing my lips and... READ MORE

Getting very worried; removable suture from upper lip lift sinking into skin

I'm very worried. I had my upper lip lift with removable sutures 1 week ago (last Fri, April 29th @ 930AM). I have to wait till tomorrow morning to... READ MORE

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