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Recovery Time for Bullhorn Lip Lift?

What is the recovery time for bull horn Lip Lift? How soon after can I look socially representable and go in public with out looking swollen? READ MORE

Lip Lift Side Effects and Scars

I had a lip lift augmentation 2 years ago and my scars around the (outside) border of my lips (top and bottom) feel hard, stiff, tight and very... READ MORE

What to expect for swelling after lip lift recovery? (photo)

I had surgery for a liplift with muscle hemming technique, (to fix scars from a long-time ago accident). 1. What is your own experience for swelling... READ MORE

Oversized Philtrum Help Needed - What Can Be Done? (photo)

Is there a surgery to remove the excess tissue/fat from the top of my Philtrum just below where it joins my nose? Also can the length of my Philtrum... READ MORE

Lip Lift? Only Filling? (photo)

People often say to me that I am a serious person... But I am not... !! Then I realized that my upperlip distance is quite long (2cm), and my cheeks... READ MORE

Does upper lip lift ever go wrong? How bad is scarring going to be? How long is recovery? Price? (Photo)

When I talk my upper teeth doesn't show only when I smile it shows. I've been researching looking for a good doctor to do lip lift. Only thing I'm... READ MORE

LIP LIFT RECOVERY: How much (in mm) can the philtrum can drop after the procedure? I think too much skin has been taken!

I'm 7 days out - right now philtrum is 10mm - lip is raised too far only in center. I know it takes time for these things to level out, but can... READ MORE

Does a lip lift take months to recover from? (Photo)

I had injections about a month ago and am pretty unsatisfied with the size. Also, I want a permanent solution. Surgeon recommended lip implants but I... READ MORE

Lip lift revision. Any suggestions?

Hello Is the recovery time /swelling for a lip lift scar revision the same ? My scar is a bit crooked around one of my nostrils, I feel my nostrils... READ MORE

Recovery time after gullwing lip lift?

Hi there, I've been considering a gullwing lip lift (knowing the pros and cons of it over a bullhorn lip lift), but I do work in a very social... READ MORE

Bullhorn incision recovery? (photos)

How long are stitches in place after bullhorn incision to increase lip height? how long for full recovery? i'm in 50s. thank you. READ MORE

I would like to know if I am a candidate for an upper lip lift or not? (photo)

I would like to know if I am a candidate for an upper lip lift or not. I also want a solution for nasal folds and mouth corners. I need an approximate... READ MORE

Treating natural frown? (photo)

My lips have always been naturally downturned. It has always bothered me very much, but recently I heard there are ways to treat it such as using... READ MORE

Classical lip lift or aiache technique? Which is better and why? (Photo)

I want some information about these: First of all, how each technique works?How many days the recovery lasts (for both of them).If I have classical... READ MORE

Recovery time for upper lip lift: Will I ever be able to smile normally?

I had an upper lip lift with internal & external sutures 17 days ago. The ext sutures were removed 5 days post-op. Internal sutures dissolve after 6... READ MORE

How long is general recovery time post lip lift procedure? Is it worth it? (Photo)

I am considering a lip lift, but I have a lot of things holding me back. First is recovery time, because I wouldn't be able to take much time off.... READ MORE

How much space can be reduced in a lip lift? Should filler be dissolved beforehand? How long does it take to recover? (Photo)

Hi everyone, as you can see the distance between my nose and my mouth is very big (almost 2 cm) and I am thinking about a lip lift. However, as I have... READ MORE

Good candidate for a lip lift? (Photo)

Hello I have always wanted a better "Teeth smile". When I smile my teeth barely show. is it due to a long upper lip? I was wondering if you could look... READ MORE

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