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Can I Get This Result with a Lip Lift? If No, What Are the Other Possibilities ?

Hello there, Im getting a rhinoplasty soon which gonna make my upperlip more long and raise the tip. Thing is that, my smile is dropping and don't... READ MORE

Most Natural Looking Lip Lift Possible? Modified Lip Lift?

If an incision was made under the collumela that tapered into the nose,NOT to extend under the nostrils, would that lift up the middle portion (cupids... READ MORE

Too Much Space Between Upper Lip and Nose. What Are my Options? (photo)

Left is ideal, right is me. Left picture has more even volume on around the mouth area. I also have a different chin? Should it be shortened or moved... READ MORE

Can Lips Be Augmented Like So? (photo)

I love lips that naturally curl up at the ends even if the person isn't smiling. If one's lips are just a thin line across can they be... READ MORE

Upper Lip Lift Scar Treatment?

Hello. I'll be two months post op in July. I started doing V-Beam right after the stitches were removed, so i've done two so far...doing them monthly... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shorten the Philtrum?

Is it possible to shorten long mid face in the region between mouth and nose? Nose to Cupid's Bow = 15mm, I'm looking for a 5mm lift in my... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Lips? What's Wrong (photo)

I believe that I have asymmetrical lips (or maybe jaws)...I'm not sure what's the problem with my face making my lips not straight....I... READ MORE

Lip Lift Possible With Fillers?

Can you achieve a lip lift using fillers? I just had a facelift and the doctor did not address my mouth area, therefor the lip area is still very much... READ MORE

Correcting a Low Smile Line (Where Teeth Barely Show) (Photo)

I have a low smile line that barely shows any teeth when smiling or talking. Are there any possible ways to correct this? Photos attached. READ MORE

Do I Need a Lip Lift or Veneers?

Very small part of my teeth show when I smile, and it looks quite ugly. READ MORE

Unsure Whether I Need a Lip Lift Operation or a Rhinoplasty to Achieve Balance (photo)

I've had 3 jaw operations and braces to fix an retrognathic lower jaw and overbite. Rapid expansion and BSSO on the upper and mandibular... READ MORE

Why are my upper lips drooping, What options do I have to fix it? (photo)

Over the recent years I feel like my gaps have grown broader; my lips sluggish; my upper lips are 'drooping' so badly as you can see in the pictures.... READ MORE

There is Much Distance Between my Nose and Mouth. How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

Im a man. I have thick lips and I have a lot of skin between my nose and mouth. I wonder if you can lift the whole mouth, not just the part of the... READ MORE

How to Correct Down-turned Mouth After Bullhorn Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a bullhorn lift 2 months ago, and although I like the lift it has given me, it has also created an unnatural pinched, down-turned look. How can... READ MORE

Bad Scar Tissue Remains After V-Y Lip Lift 8 Years Ago, What Are my Options?

Had a V-Y lip advancement 8yrs ago. I have a class 2 malocclusion/overbite which made the result exaggerated. My lips are uneven due to a chunk of... READ MORE

I Want Sub-nasal Lip Lift to Show Teeth + Small Philtrum, How Should I Go About This?

Hi. I want to get a sub-nasal lip lift because my upper teeth don't show at all in general and barely show when I smile, however I have a... READ MORE

How is that I used to have teeth showing when I smiled, now I don't? (Photo)

I had not much teeth show when I smile since I can remember but I just found a photo when I was a kid (maybe 9 Yo) and my smile was perfect then, what... READ MORE

Lip Lift Thin Upper Lip

Hi. I have a very long space between my nose and upper lip, but my upper lip itself is fairly thin. If I just have a bullhorn lip lift, won't that... READ MORE

Is Correction Possible for a Bullhorn Lip Lift? (photo)

I had a bullhorn in 2005, and I have not been please with it: the distance between my nose and my lips is still large, my nostrils became visible. I... READ MORE

My Teeth Don't Really Show when I Smile. What Can I Do? (photo)

I noticed that when I smile, my teeth barely show. I think it is because I have a small mouth. I am really embarrassed by this and I hate my smile.... READ MORE

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